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Barry Jantz

Sunday San Diego: This is the State of Politics?

Priceless?  No, only $3.99 SD Mayor Jerry Sanders was accused last week by opponent Steve Francis of tossing an F-bomb at him (see Jon Fleischman’s Thursday post).  Sanders responded to a resulting media inquiry with a clarification, saying no, he didn’t say, "F you, Francis," but instead, "F you, Steve."

It’s good to see the two are on a first name basis.  

Sanders’ "Yeah, so what?" approach effectively put an end to the matter (not counting how Francis will no doubt use it in mailers and TV ads — here’s a press release, in fact).  As frustrated as he may be with the million dollar campaign against him, I doubt Sanders meant to pop off to Francis.  Yet, it was refreshing to hear him own up to it immediately, especially given a spokesman was denying the incident about the same time.  That’s about as funny as anything else here: The handler’s immediate reaction was to deny and spin, while the candidate simply fesses up.

Matter over, except for the resulting $3.99 collectors items…

No, I didn’t create this masterpiece, but you may purchase one (or more) on-line at Cafe Press.

Oh, tee-shirts too, courtesy of local radio station 91X.  You won’t believe the URL.

From the "Someone Actually Polled on This?" Department One of the candidates in SD City Council District 3 must still be sufficiently worried about opponent John Hartley.  A survey was commissioned to see how Hartley’s recent arrest and no contest plea for committing a lewd act in public has impacted his campaign effort (click here if you’re in the dark on this story).

I know that the 3rd District is liberal, but even I was surprised at the results showing such a large percentage indicating, in essence, "whatever."  Call it the Bill Clinton syndrome.

Thanks to John Nienstedt of Competitive Edge Research and Communication for sending the survey results along (see the attachment at the bottom of this post).

That said, I thought all the puns and double entendres had already been exposed on this matter, so to speak.  It didn’t occur to me that anyone would care enough about Hartley’s chances at this point to see how he measures up.

Have a great week!


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