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Jon Fleischman

Blueberry Commission Controversy Continues to Grow

I am very pleased to report that the State Assembly’s passage of legislation to create a California Blueberry Commission, in the midst of a fiscal crisis, is continuing to bloom into a full scale controversy.  Juliet Williams with the Associated Press has now published a lengthy piece, which you can read, entitled, Blueberry board more pressing than state budget?

I am no expert on the rules of the State Assembly, but one of the Republicans who voted for this turkey, who perhaps can now see in retrospect it was a bad idea, should ask for reconsideration.

4 Responses to “Blueberry Commission Controversy Continues to Grow”

  1. Says:

    Jon, it is about time that light is shone on the tomfoolery in the Capitol. This is what we’re wasting precious resources on as our budget deficit continues to swell. I just love in the name of public welfare we establish the “Blueberry Police” and make it a “crime” to break the “Blueberry Commission” laws. Just like the focus of Education this past week was to instruct 9th and 10th graders the value of organ donation and in the name of public safety legislators ban toy cigarette lighters. My personal favorite is their action on healthcare reform…name tags of medical workers in 18 point font. Well, if you can get healthcare in this state, you will now be able to see your medical worker’s name. Amen. Enough said.

  2. Says:

    Blue Berry and 18Pt. whack job MA, the former whackette Ortiz, taxing sodas and related stupidity and the whackettes leader Bass are prime examples of out of touch liberals honing their incompetency….

  3. Says:

    How about using the 2/3rds threshold for passing non budget related bills if we have a budget crisis so the Democratic party would be forced to deal with the state budget.

  4. Says:

    The bill also includes criminal penalties for blueberry producers who fail to pay the TAX. Unlike other taxes and fees for this one if you dispute the tax your appeal is to the Blueberry Commission itself and not the Board of Equalization. No tax justice for blueberries.