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James V. Lacy

Carla Marinucci: Demand Sterling Clifford, “The Liar”, disclose Brown money

The Stamford Advocate of Stamford, Connecticut reported just a few hours ago that Jerry Brown spokesman, Sterling “The Liar” Clifford apparently announced to the Connecticut press that Jerry Brown will have a $5,000 a plate fundraiser Thursday (tomorrow) night in West Hollywood sponsored by Hollywood’s David Geffen. People who pay $25,000 will have a “private reception” with Brown. We herein call on the San Francisco Chronicle’s ace political reporter, Carla Marinucci, who is a Jerry Brown flunky, to demand that The Liar disclose the name of everyone attending the $25,000 private reception by 5 pm tomorrow. That way, Carla Marinucci can have yet another chance to show she is not just another Jerry Brown flunky, and actually help the public assess the Brown campaign’s finances.