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Congressman Doug LaMalfa

CRA Convention Hijinks In Sacramento, Karen England’s Leadership Needed For CRA’s Future

125 dues paid Delegates are now locked out of the CRA convention in Sacramento as directed by the current leadership regime.  Even Assemblyman Jeff Miller, Senator Joel Anderson, and lil ol me are not recognized by the CRA!  Update: I hear now I’m OK for now, but not Joel and Jeff.  It may be moot as they are going to exclude certain clubs. Police officers are now on sight, visiting with some of those locked out of the convention floor.

This really underscores the need for new leadership under Karen England and her slate of candidate for officer positions to have the CRA have any crediblility in the future as a Republican organization.  With a judge placing a temporary restraining order this week on the actions of the current regime, you can bet it will be in court in a few weeks again with some individuals in serious trouble with  the judge.  [Maybe the Park brother who uttered "BS!" in the judges chamber will be one in the judges disfavor]

With the chaos in that convention room, a likely stalemate could happen this weekend with no result.  It could spell the end of the CRA as a recognizable organization in state Republican circles, all for a few power brokers trying to make a temporary political gain.  What they figure they will gain after this activity cannot be measured in any positive light.  Can you say Republican circular firing squad?

4 Responses to “CRA Convention Hijinks In Sacramento, Karen England’s Leadership Needed For CRA’s Future”

  1. Dwight Robinson Says:

    My thoughts after this weekend…the Party is broken. Conservatives fighting other conservatives. For nearly 20 years…some YR’s hating other YR’s and according to McCarthy and Co., it’s not over. Tea Partiers fighting the “Establishment”…in many cases those two hold similar views but personally can’t stand one another.

    I believe I’ve heard our Party Chairman Tom Del Becarro wants to focus on messaging and communication. Until the Party gets its house in order, messaging and communication are worthless in my humble opinion.

    Last year I donated well into the 5 figures to candidates at the Federal, State Constitutional, State Legislative, and local levels and served on a few finance committees for candidates. I walked about 25 precincts for various candidates and the Party slate and recruited other donors and volunteers. I now ask myself why? We lost seats in the Assembly, all our candidates for State Constitutional offices lost, and not a single House seat flipped. Why did all this happen? Because even fellow conservatives hate each other, fellow YR’s can’t get along, and the Tea Party and Party “Establishment” (people who would have been called Tea Partiers a few years ago) are at odds.

    I would really like someone to explain to me why I should continue to stay involved when all I see is a deteriorating Party that has major internal problems that no one is addressing.

    Dwight Robinson, A Pissed Off Republican

  2. Robert Bosich Says:

    Relax. Store food like Beck says….listen to the rapid repeater Hannity till your head explodes..

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