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Doug LaMalfa

Congressman Doug LaMalfa
Real Life job: A rice farmer in Richvale, Butte County, near Oroville.  Jill and I raise a son and 3 daughters on the ranch my great grandfather Guiseppi [a legal Sicilian immigrant] founded in 1931.First elected to the Assembly in 2002, in the 9 county 2nd District, stretching from the Oregon border down I-5 [up North, we don't call it "The 5"] to the Woodland area in Yolo County.Republican since 3rd grade, our class had a mock election, I chose Nixon over Humphrey.  The Assembly is first elected office other than Butte County Republican Committee, 1994 and the California Rice Commission.A graduate of Biggs High School, 1978, Butte Community College, 1980 and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, 1982, with a B.S. in Ag Business Management..A huge fan of NASCAR racing, also F1, and Nor Cal sports teams.  Like to run my own car around the track as well as work on 'em myself with speed parts etc., and enjoy the wide open spaces of Nor Cal highways.  Also enjoy 'plinking' a little, target shooting around the ranch.Christian of faith, we attend the Evangelical Church of Richvale. "Keep straight the path of your feet and all your way will be sure." 

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