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Meredith Turney

California’s Prison Break

I’m still fuming about the Supreme Court’s decision forcing California to release 46,000 prisoners into our streets. The response from conservative, common sense pundits has been pretty universal: this is an outrageous decision that will result in more crime. The real travesty in all of this is that it could have been avoided. As I mention in the following video blog, money isn’t the issue. At least, not the amount of money, just how it’s being spent…

Even for jaded politicos, it’s shocking that Governor Brown’s initial response to the matter is to turn it into a blatant appeal for higher taxes. It’s almost like extortion: your wallet for your safety.  Even the Sacramento Bee acknowledged the crass politicking with this headline: “Jerry Brown calls prison ruling a reason for taxes”

While it might be more frightening to be mugged by one of the thugs that will soon be unleashed on us, is it any less immoral for our leaders to demand our money or our safety? When California’s crime inevitably increases because of the state’s failure to build enough prisons, it will be on the heads of every government leader who sold out to the unions.

Remember, it was Jerry Brown who just gifted the prison guards union $600 million in unused vacation payouts. His agreement to lift the cap on the amount of unused vacation payouts could cost the state billions. Want to know Brown’s and Democrats’ priorities? Instead of building more prisons, spend billions on retirement packages for their guards. California is going to release 46,000 criminals because the prison guards want unlimited vacation payouts. Who will protect us when we can’t afford to hire police because we’re overextended paying six-figure pensions for retired cops?

When it comes right down to it, we Californians are going to have to defend ourselves.

So, Governor Brown and Democrats, release the prisoners; lay off the cops. But repeal all the gun restrictions. If you’re not going to do your most basic function of protecting the public by executing justice and maintaining social order, the people will be forced to take up arms and do it ourselves. When those prisoners hit the streets, they should know that every one of their potential victims could be packing heat. Criminals know that our “justice” system is a joke and most will only serve 20% of their sentence. If they won’t take the court system seriously, then maybe they’ll take an armed citizenry seriously. So let them out of jail, fire cops, but don’t prevent innocent citizens from defending ourselves against your horrendous mismanagement of this state.

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