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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

A Hill To Die On

Republican representatives in Sacramento probably have the worst political job in America. They have to sit and watch extremely stupid people across the isle ruin the State, work on “problems” that don’t exist while ignoring ones that do exist, and propose absolutely nothing of import to get the economy out of the mud, provide confidence to business owners, and enable hiring.

This must be very difficult to observe close up. Thank goodness I only have to read about it, because it is probably ten times worse than what we read or see in in the print media.

We’ve ceded ground on almost every issue in Sacramento over the past 10 years. Our legislative “leaders” in 2009 went up on a tax “solution” that solved absolutely nothing. We continue to feed tax dollars to the education pig that demands more even as statewide student enrollment declines while educational performance suffers.

My point is simple – the tax extension is a hill to die on. I wish our representatives continued resolve, strength, and in the face of insult from the Governor’s staff, its time to dig in even harder. Keep it up!

One Response to “A Hill To Die On”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Lets name it Battle of the Bulge Hill…..

    NUTS to taxes, bloated government, royal government worker pensions, oppressive business regulations and greedy lawyers and lobbyists!