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Jon Fleischman

The TV News Story That Janice Hahn Literally Doesn’t Want You To See

Having participated in, and covered politics here in California for well over two decades, I have seen a lot of potentially game-changing news stories.  If you do nothing else today, you need to sit down and spend about eight minutes watching this stunning and explosive Fox News (Channel 11 in Los Angeles) news story on City Councilwoman (and ersatz Congresswoman) Janice Hahn’s involvement with and support of a controversial program that has the City of Los Angeles “hiring” gang members, many of them violent criminals (rape, assault, and more…) to interface with other gang members to perform some supposedly desirous “intervention” — seriously.

You have to watch this — it goes from stunning and amazing to downright explosive when, mid story, the reporter starts to talk about the cease and desist letter sent from Janice Hahn’s attorneys to try and stop this reporter and Fox 11 from running this story.

With only five days until the election, Janice Hahn has to pray that the general voting population does not see this news story.  In my opinion, this piece would not only cause swing voters to go against Hahn, but has the strong potential to cause loyal Democrats to stay home or even turn out to vote against her…

Check it out…   Oh, and if you have any time between now and Tuesday evening at 8pm to help Republican Craig Huey — click on his campaign website here.  You can make GOTV calls for him literally from anywhere.