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Congressman John Campbell

We Need Mitt

Today, economic issues dominate the scene in America. We have record-breaking, unsustainable deficits and face credit downgrades and a looming debt crisis. We are supposedly in the middle of economic recovery, but no one can really feel it. Unemployment is stubbornly high and shows no signs of coming down any time soon. Inflation is now running over 3%, which is relatively low, but since savings accounts pay essentially nothing, the wealth of Americans is being eroded. Europe and, yes, even China have economic challenges. Decisions about issues as diverse as national defense, the environment and immigration are all now impacted by the economic prospects and our current fiscal situation.

President Obama has been the major contributor to these problems. He has massively grown spending, deficits and debt in a misguided and failed Keynesian attempt to fix the economy. His strong and very liberal ideology continues to churn out job-killing policies in the areas of health care, energy, finance and manufacturing. He claims to love the jobs created by these industries, but his administration does whatever it can to restrict the products that these industries make and to punish those who would invest in them. And, his lack of competence and experience in matters of governance and the economy further hurt job creation and add to the uncertainty and the feeling out there that we are without direction and with little hope for the future.

“Hope and change” has failed. We need to change again. But, to whom?

I don’t want another president who has to learn management and governance on the job. I don’t want another president who doesn’t really understand how capital creates jobs and how jobs reward capital. I don’t want another president without executive experience in both the public or private sectors. I don’t want another president who blindly follows some academic ideology without assessing the practicalities of the situation he or she faces.

Please, no more people who can speak, but not lead. No more people who can read a talking point, but not think.

Mitt Romney

That’s why I am strongly supporting Governor Mitt Romney for President.

There is NO ONE running for president who understands economics and the way jobs are created like Governor Romney. And, it’s not even close. He has executive experience both running Bain Capital in the private sector and the state of Massachusetts in the public sector. And, he did well in both, even in spite of a legislature overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats in the latter. No on-the-job training needed for this guy. The problems of our economy are diverse and complex, and there is no one, single solution to solve them all. Housing, energy, manufacturing, health care, you name it. You can’t solve them all with the same medicine. Romney understands that. He is smart. Very smart. Some people think he’s not conservative. He is. I don’t have that concern. That is the basis of his thinking.

I want this country to grow again. I want to have confidence in the future again. I want to be willing to take business risks again. I want Americans to have good jobs again. I want the rest of the world to treasure our debt again, not fear it. And, I want my kids to live better and have more opportunity than I did.

I think Mitt Romney is far and away our best chance at accomplishing these goals in the coming 4 years. He will lead. He will solve problems. He can achieve the consensus to make things happen. His administration will work. He is the competent, proven conservative in the race.

Please join me in supporting Mitt Romney for President.

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3 Responses to “We Need Mitt”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    The Trilogy is complete:

    Dole McCain Romney

    Ah! The fog of politics!

  2. bwiese Says:

    No, we don’t need an antigunner as President.

    And now I guess we need to put John Campbell in that same category… he doesn’t get to have a ‘pass’ on the gun issue himself when he pimps out an East Coast antigunner.

    Hell, Mitt Romney’s stance on guns & the 2nd Amendment is not that articulably different from Obama’s. In the past, Romney supported several bad antigun bills that were opposed by NRA.

    Romney said,
    “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts, I supportt
    them, I won’t chip away at them, I believe they help protect
    us and provide for our safety.”

    – Romney supported an “assault weapon ban” and signed it into law.
    This felonized possession of rifles that had certain minor cosmetic

    – Romney supported restrictions on magazines holding over 10 rounds.

    – Romney supported a gun storage law that mandates how you are to
    keep a gun within your own home

    – Mass. does not honor any other state’s concealed carry permit.

    If Romney is the Republican candidate for President, gunnies will be staying home.

    We KNOW that many Democrats (but not ALL – some are good for gunrights) are antigun. The Republican party – especially the CALIFORNIA Republican party – has been woefully inadequate on gun rights. In fact, past bad CA gun laws passed by a small margin and sometimes the last vote was a Republican (think Quackenbush on the CA assault weapons ban).

    When are CA legislators going to show some backbone and support gun rights?
    Sure, we have some great guys – Doug LaMalfa, Curt Hagman stand out – but we need some Reeps to man up and carry achievable, incremental gun legislation.

    When ex-AG (now Gov.) Jerry Brown is more pro-gun than a fair fraction of Rep legislators and a presidential candidate that has a tad of traction, you know your party has gun problems.

    Bill Wiese
    San Jose CA

  3. Robert Bosich Says:

    Be careful..

    You may be called a Hobbit or Foghorn Leghorn!!!!!