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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

GOP Doing The Limbo In Debt Deal Struggle

You all know how the limbo dance works, right?  The bar keeps going lower and lower until the eventual winner wins by passing under it at a heighth that no one else can.  Contrary to the beliefs of many in the Republican Party, our position in this debt limit fight is mostly over how low we can set the bar for ourselves.   Insiders look at the “Boehner” plan and see a great compromise.  “At least they didn’t raise taxes” becomes our self congratulatory mantra.  Instead, because I guess we’ve lost all ability to remember an election that happened less than a year ago, we’ve become so clueless we cannot even do basic math.  The Boehner plan gives the Democrats 90% of what they want even as they protest that it’s somehow unfair.

So here’s the deal.  Obama and the Democrats, when they had the entire government, raised the annual federal spending baseline over a trilion dollars.  Over a ten year period, that is $10 trillion.  What happened after that was the greatest mid term election defeat in modern history, a historic loss of House seats by the same Democrats responsible for the pillage.  The Tea Party emerged with a unified message – end the fiscal insanity.

Speaker Boehner is a clueless now as he was in 2006 when he was convinced the GOP would keep the House majority.  He  really, really doesn’t get it. If his plan passes, the Congress will be lost by the GOP.  Remember, Obama got his $10 trillion of new spending and borrowing.  Boehner’s plan rolls that back a whopping $950 billion over ten years.  So Obama, Pelosi and Reid get to keep spending 90% of the outrageous spending baseline they created.

Some in our Party consider the Boehner plan to be a win for us.  I consider it to be a catastrophe.  We are well past the time for “incremental” victories.  The nation’s balance sheet it wrecked and the GOP has this one last chance to fix it.  If Reid and Obama veto it then we set down our weapons and wait for their plan.  But let’s stop this nonsense of being played like fools by Obama.  If Boehner passes, it will be a historic victory for the American welfare state.  Let’s quit pretending some idiotic “incremental” win is a win.  It isn’t.  The GOP is slipping away into oblivion again.  It’s time to put our spears in the ground and stand firm against new debt and deficits.

One Response to “GOP Doing The Limbo In Debt Deal Struggle”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Do you read movie , book views in the paper?

    All bought and paid for…hate to bust your bubble!!!

    Same with politics, all parties, all think tanks, all polls, all factions, all “gangs”.