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Mike Spence

The Founding of Conservative Republicans of California

Last week I became firmly convinced that there were many conservatives that wanted a voice in the California Republican Party and local communities. Many of these conservatives didn’t view the existing vehicles as adequate for their political activism.

Out of that frustration Conservative Republicans of California was born.

There are several immediate issues that need attention. The fight to neuter the CRP Platform and the referendums to stop SB 48 and the” Amazon” Tax are all on us NOW. Throw in redistricting and the Top-Two Primary and there is plenty to do and Conservatives need as many hands on deck as possible.

I don’t think California’s problems are the result of having too many Conservative groups. The focus is to focus on less bureaucracy and more power to individuals and local organizations. CRC will be a sister organization to the California Conservative Coalition.

The first question I usually get relates to the California Republican assembly (CRA). CRA has a rich over 75 year history. As someone who was blessed to serve six years as CRA President I plan to stay a member of CRA. It has an important function. Two CRA Past Presidents Sen. Dick Mountjoy (ret.) and FlashReport publisher Jon Fleischman are serving in interim advisory roles until the first organizing convention.

The interim by-laws also contain the strongest conflict of interest provision of any GOP group in California and want as much transparency as possible.

The goal is to get more people involved and with over 5 million registered Republicans there is plenty to do. If CRA members want to be CRC members or vice-versa, that is their decision. I will.
CRC should have the numbers shortly to qualify for official CRP recognition.

So if you are a pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, limited government Constitutional Republican and want to get involved please check us out at

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One Response to “The Founding of Conservative Republicans of California”

  1. Bob Evans Says:

    What a great idea.