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Richard Rider

U.S. mint keeps making useless coins that are warehoused

Okay, THIS one is special. EVERYONE — regardless of political persuasion or IQ — will agree that this is government madness at its best.

Ya want proof (so to speak)?  Even ABC News figured it out!

Trust me — you’ll want to watch this 3 minute video. And then ask yourself this question — Why does ANYONE trust politicians to make economic decisions that control our lives?

Coins Costing Taxpayers?
Federal government mints coins that nobody uses.

NOTE:   Perhaps I unwisely gave ABC News the benefit of a doubt, crediting them with recognizing the absurdity of this madness.

Above is the ABC headline for the piece. But why in the world is it a QUESTION??? Is ABC not sure of the answer?

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2 Responses to “U.S. mint keeps making useless coins that are warehoused”

  1. Bob Evans Says:

    This is an opportunity – if you have a credit card that gives you points or airline miles. Here is what you do: you buy dollar coins from the United States mint, using your credit card. The coins are delivered to you. You can buy up to 500 $1 coins at face value and receive free standard shipping and handling at a time. Then you take the coins to your bank and turn them in for a credit to your checking account. When your credit card bill comes you pay for the coins in full. What you get is $500 in points or miles that you can use. You can do this as many times as you want and let the points or miles pile up until you need them for what you want. It is free money from the United States mint direct to you. Sweet.

  2. Richard Rider Says:

    Ahh, the feds are financial geniuses. Lose money on every sale of such unwanted coins, but make up for it by printing more. Brilliant.