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Meredith Turney

California Taxpayers Punk’d by DMV

Over the weekend I read a Sacramento Bee article about actor and comedian Ashton Kutcher’s plan to base a new reality show on California’s Department of Motor Vehicles. The first thought that came to mind was how appropriate this is considering every time I visit the DMV, I feel like I’m on an episode of Punk’d. Unfortunately, my nightmarish prank never ends with Ashton jumping out from behind a counter and reassuring me it’s all a joke; no, I’m still waiting in line, trying to cut through the thick red tape and finally get that license renewal and vehicle registration. The following video blog pretty much sums up my feelings about this new reality show and how the real focus should be on Sacramento’s attempt to play political games with a bureaucracy that’s already a nightmare to deal with.

*Update: Over the weekend, I also tried to change my address on the DMV web site and every time I tried it, I got an error message telling me the server wasn’t working.  Can’t a California government agency–with Silicon Valley, the center of the tech industry and all its innovative geniuses, just a phone call away–at least get its web site to function so I can avoid a mind-numbing trip to the physical DMV? Ah, government service at its finest.

One Response to “California Taxpayers Punk’d by DMV”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Had a wonderful afternoon at DMV renewing my license, taking the written exam and the eye test.

    Arrived to find a line of 30 people outside trundling forward toward another 25 people in a gymnasium size room with lots of televisions with all kinds of bingo numbers being displayed.

    Alas! There were another 100 or so citizens sitting in retro plastic chairs staring at the bingo numbers….found out 25 minutes later the numbers on TV were service numbers for the retro chair people and me…

    And so it went
    ..and…went…and went…

    I got home for dinner, passed all hurtles and enjoyed 3.5 hours rubbing shoulders with fellow citizens and helpful government workers.

    Your turn is coming! Ask them for B19…won’t get ya processed any sooner, but it sounds like good bingo number…huh?