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Jon Fleischman

Legislative Republicans Introduce Governor Brown’s Modest Pension Reform Proposals Verbatim… Well?

Somebody send some Tums to the Governor’s office, stat.  I can only imagine what’s going on in the horseshoe today after legislative Republicans turned out to be the Governor’s unlikely ally in the pension reform fight.  In a move that’s not only good policy, but also smart politics, Senate and Assembly Republicans introduced the Governor’s pension plan verbatim – they didn’t change a word, period or comma.  They’re asking for no strings attached and only want Democrats to give it an up or down vote.

The Governor’s plan isn’t perfect but it’s a step in the right direction and it contains many of the same ideas that Republicans have talked about for years.  As longtime FR readers know, this is an issue I’ve been closely following.  And even last week, I pointed out how LA Times columnist George Skelton missed the boat by failing to mention that Republicans took the lead on trying to ban pensions for felons, but Democrats blocked those efforts.

You can read more about the pension plan here.

Now the ball is in the Democrats’ court – let’s see what they do.  Will they do the right thing or will they (like always) simply cave to the deep pockets of their special interest public labor union buddies?

On second thought, maybe those Tums should go to Senate Pro Tem Steinberg and Speaker Perez, sounds like they’ve got some decisions to make and the clock is ticking.

7 Responses to “Legislative Republicans Introduce Governor Brown’s Modest Pension Reform Proposals Verbatim… Well?”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    If your hangin in air drivin off a cliff….can you turn back?

  2. Bob Evans Says:

    I got an email from you, Jon, regarding the upcoming draft platform for the CRP at the spring convention. So tell me, Jon, how do you think this “new” platform will work out for the Republican Party in California? I’ve read the “new” platform and it’s a virtual twin to the last platform. How did that “old” platform work out for the Republican Party in California? Did that “old” platform increase the number of Republican constitutional officers? Did that “old” platform increase the number of Republican legislators? Did that “old” platform increase Republican voter registration? Jon, do you think doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity?

  3. Robert Bosich Says:

    Open primaries will bring consensus around the median…and the most frequent is…

    Ta Dah….moochers win!

    Parties become irrelevant…ideology wins and gettin somethin for nutin…is really really popular.

  4. Bob Evans Says:

    Jon, according to the US census, there are more than 23 million households in California. According the the US census the average size of a household in 2.9 persons. According to the US census one in 100 households in California is a gay household. So there are more than 120,000 gay households in California with more than 350,000 persons. How many of those persons do you think vote Republican? And how many of the gay persons friends and relatives will vote Republican? Look at your “platform” and tell me how you will attract even one percent of those gay households to vote for a Republican candidate. And the Republican Party in California wonders why they cannot win even one constitutional office or take control of the legislature.

  5. Robert Bosich Says:

    Yes….demographics trump all in California…how many people are at a swap meet on weekends vs Pebble Beach or Balboa Bay Club….

    Again……why can’t Republicans take ownership of the broken educational system…fix it and your forever relevant.

  6. Bob Evans Says:

    And how, Robert, will Republicans take control and fix the educational system when, because of the CRP platform, they cannot win elective office? How does the odious platform stop Republicans from winning? Because as soon as a Republican candidate announces, the media pounces on that person to defend the divisive anti parts of the CRP platform. “Why are you against… ” are the only questions asked of our Republican candidates. If the platform does not help our candidates get elected it should be abolished. The current, and the proposed, platform will not help our candidates win election.

  7. Robert Bosich Says:

    Republicans can become Proposition writers and fund raisers to get policy issues passed by the electorate.

    Platforms are for wonks..the average voter does not read the paper or pays much attention to day-to-day politics…best scrap platforms…they are fairy tales!!!