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Jon Coupal

HJTA Launches Statewide Radio Blitz

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced today that we are launching a radio ad blitz to urge Californians to tell the Sacramento politicians to reform government instead of raising taxes.

In the radio spot, I warn the public that, “State spending is out of control and Sacramento politicians want to send YOU the bill!”

The spot highlights the fact that California’s State budget relies on gimmicks and that instead of balancing the budget, politicians are threatening cuts to public safety and our schools unless the bureaucrats get more tax dollars.

California already has the highest State sales tax in the nation, the second-highest gas tax, and the third-highest income tax in the nation. Even with Prop. 13, taxes are way above the national average.

HJTA calls upon Californians to stand together to demand education reform, pension reform and spending reform now.  The organization is asking citizens to sign a petition to send a message to the politicians in Sacramento that higher taxes are not the answer.  The timing is significant because lawmakers are preparing to vote on next year’s spending plan.

HJTA has made a significant buy which will allow the ad to run Statewide during the next two weeks and will include Sacramento, Los Angeles, Coastal areas, and other markets.

To hear the radio spot, or to sign the petition, visit the HJTA website here.

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