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Jon Coupal

HJTA Launches New Radio Ad Campaign: Sacramento Politicians Choose Bullet Train Pet Project over Education & Public Safety

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced today that we launched a new blitz of radio ads to educate voters about the nearly $100-billion bullet train project.In the new spot, you can hear me alerting taxpayers, “Sacramento politicians have turned their backs on Education and Public Safety and voted to waste billions on the largest boondoggle in American history.”

The spot goes on to highlight the scare tactics politicians are using to force tax increases on the working people of California. While Sacramento special interest groups are pushing for more taxes, frivolous spending, and political cronyism, lawmakers are ignoring desperately needed reforms in education, pensions and government spending.

HJTA asks listeners to stand with thousands of fellow Californians by going to and signing a petition to the Governor and Legislature demanding reforms, not higher taxes. 

Listen to the new radio ad here.

Sign the petition here.