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Shawn Steel

AP Gets It Right On The Garcetti Win

Not long ago Associated Press discovered they are not immune from the tentacles  Obama’s “Main Justice”. Not merely peeking at their emails, but now trolling their parents, AP reporters have a right to be nervous.

Locally,  AP distributed a story which exposes the vulnerability of aggressive and greedy government unions domination over local California governments. Witness the LA mayoral elections. The key factor for liberal Eric Garcetti beating liberal Wendy Greuel was painting her as the government union controlled candidate. AP captured this story and distributed throughout the country.

It begins…

Garcetti Elected Mayor Of Los Angeles After Calling Opponent A Pawn Of Labor Bosses
Michael Blood, Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — The incoming mayor of Los Angeles was able to defeat a fellow Democrat by depicting her as a pawn of utility union bosses in a city long friendly to labor, an outcome expected to echo beyond California as unions nationwide face threats to their clout.

With all precincts reporting Wednesday, Councilman Eric Garcetti defeated city Controller Wendy Greuel, 54 percent to 46 percent, in the matchup of two occasional allies at City Hall.

Garcetti has his own labor ties but said the difference in the contest was his grassroots support and “not any power brokers.” His TV campaign ads relentlessly pounded Greuel as “DWP’s mayor,” a reference to the Department of Water and Power, where workers financed ads trying to install Greuel at City Hall.

You can read the entire story here.