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Shawn Steel

Shawn Steel
Chairman of California Club for GrowthCo-Founder Gray Davis Recall, 2003Immediate Past Chairman, California Republican Party, 2001  In February of 2001, Shawn Steel was elected Chairman of the California Republican Party until 2003.  Near the end of his term, Shawn co-chaired, with Ted Costa, the successful Recall Davis Movement.  Steel’s Republican activism dates back to his college days, where in 1964 he worked for Barry Goldwater, founding “Youth for Goldwater”, in Los Angeles. Since then, Shawn Steel has served in countless positions within the Republican Party- from grassroots volunteer to Party Treasurer to Secretary of the Lincoln Clubs to CRP Chairman. Born and raised in California, Shawn Steel attended Los Angeles area public schools and earned a Masters in History from the University of Southern California.  Shawn later earned his Juris Doctorate. He is published in numerous professional journals and newspapers, including the National Review, San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union, Los Angeles Daily Journal, California Policy Review, the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, Daily Breeze, Washington Times, and the Orange County Register. Shawn and his wife Michelle currently live in Palos Verdes, where they are raising their two daughters Cheyenne (19) (presently attending USC as an Annenberg Scholar & elected Vice Chair of the College Republicans for L.A. County) and Siobhan (16) a High School Junior. Michelle was just elected to the Board of Equalization 3rd District.

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