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Pat Maciariello

Taxes and Freedom

One definition of the word freedom reads “exempt from external control, interference, regulation, etc.” Even the most progressive among us would agree that if a person were forced to give 100% of the fruits of their labor to the state or to anyone, this individual would not be free. What if it was 95% or 85% or just over half? Would that person be free?

Pat Maciariello

Today, in California, the top marginal tax rates for state and federal taxes exceeds 50%. Yes, there are deductions, but there are also numerous other forms of taxation that eat away at our freedom. Payroll taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, car taxes, capital gains taxes, gas taxes, hotel taxes, transfer taxes, etc., the list goes on and on. Yet a further limiter of freedom is the time burden created by our inefficient system as Americans spend 6 billion hours per year dealing with the administrative nightmare created by our tax system.

One has to wonder, are we free from external control and interference? Are we giving up too much of our freedom?

Today I am proud to sign Americans For Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge. As a candidate for Congress in California’s 45th District I feel it is right to let the voters know exactly where I stand. I will oppose all efforts to increase taxes for individuals and businesses. I will work to create a smarter tax system that encourages growth instead of obstructing it, reduces the burden placed on Americans, and rewards rather than penalizes small business job creators. I will work to increase freedom for the citizens of the 45th district and the United States.

That’s why I’m running for Congress.

Pat Maciariello is a businessman and free-market advocate running for Congress in California’s 45th Congressional District.