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Richard Rider

The fake San Diego (and CA) jobs recovery

San Diego’s economy is rolling along — as county unemployment percentage improves dramatically!

Well, actually — not.

Here’s the story by the numbers:

  1. The county unemployment percentage PLUMMETED in December.  It dropped from (the revised) 6.9% unemployed in November to December’s 6.4% — a full half percent drop in only one month!!! Yea.
  2. Only 600 net new jobs were created.  That’s a pathetic number in an area bigger than the state of Rhode Island — a county of over 3.1 million people.
  3. The unemployment percentage drop was almost completely the result of people dropping out of the workforce — 7,800 of the unemployed are no longer seeking employment in December —  so they are no longer considered “unemployed.”  That number is NOT good.
  4. Stated differently — only 7.1% of the improved unemployment percentage was the result of more jobs — 92.9% was the result of people giving up seeking San Diego area employment.

BTW, to be defined as “employed,” one has to be working — but not much. Apparently even one hour of paid employment per week defines one as “employed” in the stats. Given the growing trend to hire fewer full-time employees — using part-timers to avoid healthcare costs and fines — our employment picture is likely even worse than these numbers indicate.