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Barry Jantz

The FlashReport/Rostra Primary Election Contest for San Diego — Make your selections!

Cross-posted here at San Diego Rostra.

It’s time again, peeps! The contest both Reps and Dems equally love, or love to hate. Show us your PPP (political prognosticating prowess).

The “rules,” if that’s what you call some of these…

  • Read the questions closely.  No tricks, just read the questions.
  • Send your guesses to ONLY. The Rostra elves are assisting on this, so don’t send to my email.
  • Do NOT post your answers here.
  • Deadline to submit guesses: Election Day — Tuesday, June 3, 2014 — 7 pm, PST. No exceptions.
  • If you’re reading this on FlashReport and don’t follow San Diego politics, don’t complain. Just DON’T ANSWER.
  • I can’t ask about every race. Don’t take it personally. No one knows about the judges anyway.
  • I’m almost embarrassed to state this rule, but after doing a few of these, it’s needed — you are to guess the final primary election results in each contest, not the results at 10 p.m. on Tuesday or 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Not the results in November. The final results in the primary election, when the vote count is complete.
  • In the case of any close races, the contest winner may not be determined until the Registrar of Voters and/or litigants are done with their work.

The Questions:

Let’s not make this difficult — in each case your answer should be among the choices named or as referenced in bold. Last names are fine.

1. County Board of Supervisors, District 5 — Bill Horn or Jim Wood?

2. San Diego County District Attorney — Candidates Bob Brewer, Bonnie Dumanis, Terri Wyatt. There WILL be a November runoff election, True or False?

3. Mayor, City of Chula Vista — Which candidate will be the TOP vote getter, Pamela Bensoussan, Jerry Rindone or Mary Salas?

4. City Council District 2, City of San Diego — Candidates Sarah Boot, Jim Morrison, Mark Schwartz, Lorie Zapf. There WILL be a November runoff election, True or False?

5. City Council District 6, City of San Diego — Candidates Chris Cate, Jane Glasson, Carol Kim, De Le, Mitz Lee. Among those candidates, name the top TWO vote getters, IN ORDER. (It doesn’t matter if you think the race will be over in the primary, just answer the question. Both the names and the order must be correct.)

6. San Diego County Assessor/Recorder County Clerk — Candidates Ernest Dronenburg, Jonathan Gordon, Susan Guinn, George Mantor. There WILL be a November runoff election, True or False?

7. Congress, District 53 — Seriously? Candidates Christina Bobb, John Campbell, Susan Davis, John Edwards, Joel Marchese, Jim Stieringer, Wayne True, Larry Wilske. Name the second place vote getter.

8. Prop H, Grossmont Healthcare District — Lease extension of Grossmont Hospital to Sharp HealthCare. I can hear you ask again, seriously? But you just knew I had to throw this one in the mix. This measure will get MORE than 80 percent of the vote, True or False?

I’m anticipating the definite need for some tie-breakers, so we’ll go two rounds:

Tie-Breaker A (only if needed).  Congress, District 52 — Since this race has caused the most discussion on Rostra, now’s your chance. Candidates Carl DeMaio, Kirk Jorgensen, Scott Peters, Fred Simon. Select the exact order of finish for all the candidates. Party doesn’t matter.

Tie-Breaker B (only if still needed).  District Attorney — Pick the exact difference in percentage of the vote between Bob Brewer and Bonnie Dumanis. How you answered question 2 doesn’t matter. The candidates’ order of finish and individual percentages don’t matter. The final margin between the two is what is being asked. Answer to at least a tenth of a point, please.)

That’s it, if that’s not enough.  Eight questions; a dead heat in the number of correct answers results in a tie breaking question, another tie breaker if still needed.

Re-read the rules above if it helps. Find the list of candidates here, if it assists you in determining registration, such as in the cluster-party against Susan Davis, for instance.

The winner gets bragging rights, most importantly, as well as a meal on me at an Albondigas luncheon, if you catch me at one.

# # #