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BOE Member George Runner

Further Proof the State Should Not be in the Building Business

Today, the State Auditor issued a report regarding the Board of Equalization’s headquarters building.

The Auditor’s report is a clear indictment of the state’s efforts so far in dealing with the Board of Equalization’s problem-plagued headquarters, which is literally falling apart.

It’s clear the Department of General Services has failed to effectively manage the state’s facilities. The State of California should not be in the building business!

More work is needed, and I look forward to seeing the auditor’s recommendations implemented as soon as possible.

I also look forward to the results of the state facility study required by AB 1656, which should enable us to come up with a long-term solution that makes sense for both California taxpayers and state workers.

Visit the California State Auditor’s website for a complete copy of the report.

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