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Barry Jantz

71st Assembly: Santee Mayor Voepel makes it official; Harrison locks down some big endorsements

If it wasn’t official before that Randy Voepel is seeking the 71st AD seat currently held by Brian Jones…

From the Voepel Campaign

While it has been the pleasure of my lifetime to serve as Mayor of Santee, I’ve determined it’s time for a new opportunity to serve. That’s why I’ve decided to run for the 71st Assembly District.

As Mayor of Santee since 2000, I’ve worked hard to build a strong record. Specifically, my tenure as Mayor has been a demonstration of how conservative policies can work at a local level.

As Mayor, I’ve been proud to accomplish the following:

  • Built one of the largest per-capita reserves out of any other city in the region.
  • Contracted out recreation programs to the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club to improve service levels while cutting pension obligations.
  • Dedicated the highest proportion of our budget to public safety.
  • Achieved one of the lowest crime rates in the region.
  • No sales tax increases.
  • Reduced city spending by 16% during the lean years to keep the budget balanced.
  • Implemented pro-business policies that attract the restaurants we want, as well as vibrant new retail, residential, and office development.
  • Established a teen center, ball fields, concerts and recreational activities for children, families & seniors.

Politicians constantly talk about how they’ll be an advocate for free-market, conservative policies. Few have a record to back it up. I am proud to be a conservative who can point to the success of policies I’ve supported.

As your Assemblymember, I’ll continue to serve as a strong conservative voice. While California continues to slide into the liberal abyss, it’s now more important than ever that we have leadership willing to stand up for free-markets, low taxes, and the Second Amendment.

This won’t be an easy endeavor, and I’ll need strong support all throughout the district to prevail on Election Day. That’s why I’m reaching out today – to ask you to endorse my campaign and consider making a contribution to provide the early funds that are necessary for success.

Over the coming months, I’ll be campaigning hard all throughout the district. I will engage the challenges that lie ahead, and will be honored to have the chance to serve you and my neighbors in the Assembly.


Randy Voepel
Mayor of Santee
Candidate, 71st Assembly District


Michael Harrison Update

In the meantime, Michael Harrison, who announced his intention to run for the seat over a year ago, is making some moves of his own, recently gaining the support of Congressman Darrell Issa. Harrison is doing well with current and former members of Congress, adding Issa’s name to a list that includes Congressman Duncan Hunter as well as former representatives Brian Bilbray, Duncan L. Hunter and Ron Packard.

“I am honored to have received the endorsement of Congressman Issa in my race for Assembly,” said Harrison, “he is a true local and national leader for our party and I will continue working to be proactive in supporting the conservative ideals and principles that both he and I understand are so important in today’s government.”

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