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Richard Rider

Here perhaps is the final nail in the Golden State’s coffin

Just when you think things can’t get any worse in California, it gets worse.  A bill was just signed into law by Governor Brown that will register maybe 6 million low information people to vote.  People who go to the DMV (supposedly limited to citizens, but no one will check) for licensing or ID will be AUTOMATICALLY registered to vote unless they specifically opt out.  No stinkin’ registration form needed, apparently.

California already has the lowest voter turnout (percent of registered voters) in the nation.  This will LOWER that percentage.

The good news is that most of these new registrants will not vote.  The bad news is that too many will, overwhelmingly voting Democrat and swinging more elections for the progressives.  The effect will be felt a bit in 2016, but will grow in subsequent elections.

I suspect this is the edge needed to give both houses of the CA state legislature the coveted 2/3 Democrat majority.  With that majority, state taxes can be raised without the voter approval now required.  Guess who is going to carry most of that tax burden?  HINT:  Not the low information voters.

Plus the Democrat state legislators will be able to pass veto-proof legislation covering every aspect of our lives — and businesses.  It won’t be long before we long for “the good old days” when Governor Brown vetoed some of the legislation passed.  No mas.

The bad news is that this “innovation” will doom the Golden State.  But the good news is that we are ALREADY doomed.  Why do I not take solace in that?