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Richard Rider

Texas COL-adjusted median household income is much higher than CA

I’ve just updated here a salient comparison of the median household income of California vs. hated Texas.  My last figures were from 2009.  Since then it’s gotten even better — for Texas.

According to recent U.S. census figures, the 2014 median household income in California is significantly higher than Texas.

CA — $60,487

TX —  $53,875 — 10.9% less than CA (vs. 18.1% less in 2009), though slightly above the national average of $53,657


But, ADJUSTED FOR THE COST OF LIVING, the Texas median household income is significantly higher than California.

TX —  $58,816

CA — $44,706

BOTTOM LINE:  TX COL-adjusted median household income is 31.6% higher than CA.