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Barry Jantz

San Diegans announce effort to establish a new Trump Party

Named for presidential candidate, new political party said to ‘trump’ the failures of Republicans and Democrats

Claiming they are sick and tired of politics as usual, a group of disenchanted local Republicans and Independents, as well as a few Democrats, released plans today to establish a new political party named after Donald Trump.

Under the banner, “Make America Great Again,” organizers say they are filing initial paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office to become an official party in California by the 2018 election cycle, with longer-term plans to expand into several other states.

Steve Grantham, a local auto dealer and self-described anti-tax advocate, says the choice of the name “Trump Party,” although inspired by the front-running GOP presidential candidate, transcends the name alone. “The guy has motivated many like us to find some hope in the future again,” said Grantham. “He inspired our name for the party, but it’s more than that. Whether Donald wins or loses in November, the effort will continue. Our new party will ‘trump’ the continued failure by Democrats and Republicans to get anything of significance done. The name ‘Trump Party’ means just that.”

Grantham, currently a Republican, said the group of several dozen members is planning “Make America Great Again” rallies to show support for Trump’s candidacy this year, with other events planned for 2017 to gain members of the new party effort.

He pointed to the Tea Party rallies of a few years ago as examples of the gatherings to follow, but pointed out that “the Tea Party people didn’t form an official party, it’s just the name of an offshoot of the Republican party and just as do-nothing.”

The Trump Party organizers released a detailed draft political platform, linked here, which shares much of the same substance as its namesake.