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Hector Barajas

Staying Calm and Carrying On

It’s a bit over three weeks since Donald Trump pulled off his HUGE political upset. Some continue to cheer. Others are still trying to come to grips with the reality of a decisive vote, with someone that wins and someone that loses. Trump won, now what?

The answer variously shocks people who actually have their eyes open and dismays those that want this President-elect to fail because their candidate lost.

By every indication, Trump is going to govern as he promised. That is surprising to a large number of people still licking their metaphorical but painful wounds.

Trump said he wants a more-inclusive government. His early appointments demonstrate that promise is true.

Trump appointed the youngest woman Governor in the country — an Indian-American — as U.S. United Nations Ambassador. Even more importantly, she a woman who he “had words with” during one of the Presidential debates, one overtly critical of his comments about immigrants, and one he responded in return with criticism as being a poor Governor. By picking picking Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina for this critical role, the message is clear: Trump’s Administration will be diverse, and he will put aside political grudges lingering from the election.

During the 2016 election, Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee also made a speech critical and personal about Trump. It was less policy driven and more character attacks. Yet last weekend Mitt Romney flew form Hawaii to New Jersey to meet with Trump. Who knows if Romney will have a formal role in the Trump Administration; it doesn’t matter. Donald Trump is bringing people together, listening even to those who attacked him.

Donald Trump also did something never demonstrated by the past Administration. When a police officer was killed in San Antonio Texas, apparently targeted for execution by the gunman, he didn’t continue with business as usual. Trump didn’t rail against guns. He didn’t talk about how people and police need to get along better. Trump took the time to call the family of the slain officer. He made a simple phone call of compassion and care. His act was a huge policy shift from what we have experienced in the last four years. Trump said he would be a law and order President and that he would support our first responders and police. He’s showed that he will do that by one simple act of sympathy.

Trump’s choices for major national security positions and Justice shocked the left, even as they continued to cry and protest in the streets. But they were choices that should have been expected based on Trump’s words during the campaign.

His choices for National Security Adviser and CIA are aggressive, and they put America first. With his choice of Attorney General were followed with predictable cries from the left that echoed those made a few short years ago by the right when Eric Holder turned the Justice Department into a left-leaning cause and crusade-driven department. Change happens with an electoral win.

Trump’s stance on immigration is also encouraging. First, get those undocumented individuals convicted of violent crimes in America out of our country or incarcerated. Second, secure the border. Third, figure out a plan to deal with those in the country here illegally. He remains committed to making sure people coming to this country don’t want to blow us up, prompting liberal mayors that run failing cities to protest.

Far more significant than the toke protests, is how America and foreign nations have responded to Trump in three weeks? His favorability rating has jumped significantly. The stock market broken its glass ceiling with repeated record highs. The dollar has regained its former glory against benchmark foreign currencies. Foreign leaders who mocked him and attacked him are reaching out to make the peace and find cooperation. Long allies see new opportunities and an end to the decline of their relationships with the world’s most important superpower. People in the minority communities see Trump is serious about reaching out to them, providing opportunity and finding ways to make their neighborhoods safer and less lawless.

Three weeks into this new adventure, the world hasn’t come apart at the seams and our lives go on.

Hector Barajas is a partner at Merino, Barajas & Allen and an on-air analyst for Univision and Telemundo. The Hearst Corporation recognized Hector as one of the 20 Latino Political Stars nationwide and Campaigns and Elections magazine named him one of the top 50 influencers in the United States.