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State Sen. Joel Anderson

Why I’m opposing Rep. Xavier Becerra for CA Attorney General

I’m opposing Rep. Xavier Becerra’s appointment as California’s Attorney General.

Kudos to Senator Anderson!

Californians deserve better than a top law enforcement officer who wants to protect illegal alien drunk drivers. As a supporter of sanctuary cities, that’s exactly what Congressman Becerra wants to do.

In last Tuesday’s Assembly Special Committee hearing Congressman Becerra repeatedly told Assemblyman Gallagher to have some beers with him to talk about important issues. He offered the same invitation to Senator Berryhill in yesterday’s Senate Rules Committee hearing.

Congressman Becerra wants California to shield illegal alien drunk drivers from deportation. For someone who sees alcohol as a solution to tough questions, it’s understandable that he doesn’t grasp the serious threat his position poses to public safety. I do understand it, and that’s why I oppose his confirmation.

A review of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data by the Center for Immigration Policy in 2015 clearly shows that Sanctuary policies across the county, where local governments reject ICE requests to hold someone accused or convicted of a crime so that the federal government can take custody for deportation, unquestionably resulted in more crimes being committed by those individuals. Over an eight month period, seven percent of the new offenses were DUIs.

Throughout his testimony in the appointment hearings, Rep. Bacerra says he must “obey the law of the land.” Immigration law is the law of the land, and sanctuary policies thwart the federal government from doing its job and put American lives at risk.

The full Senate is voting on Becerra’s appointment Monday, if you agree with me please send your letters of opposition to and I will make sure your voices are heard on the Senate floor.