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Radical Weather Underground protests Trump Inauguration

Last week, like thousands of American patriots from all over the country, couple of hundred from California, friends and I attended festivities and celebrations of democracy during the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC by witnessing the Oath of Office given to our 45th President Donald J. Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence. Most of you, have seen on social media, TV, print news or heard on radio what wen on at our Nation’s capital. To me was an incredible experience, even though I had attended other Inaugurations before, but this one was very special because of the circumstances, negativism, anger that went against our Republican nominee during the entire Presidential campaign, prior to the RNC Convention in Cleveland, OH, in between the November election and throughout his Inauguration.

Now let me share an interesting experience I had, meeting and speaking for almost 20 minutes around midnight on a busy Washington DC street, with two well known communists.
My friends Shannon (no last name), Nancy Eisenhart and I went last Thursday night (January 19, 2017) to the Deplorables Ball, well attended, with great speakers (James O’Keefe, Milwaukee’s Sheriff Clark, and many others), we left the Ball, walked a block, were waiting for a taxi to take us back to our hotel, when all of a sudden Shannon said “on my God, did you guys see who just walked by”, I said no, who is it, she replay “Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn”, so I told them ‘stay here and wait for me’, ran about 100 feet, introduced myself as Celeste Greig from Southern CA to them and a very good looking, well dress young man that was with them, then I proceed by asking what they were doing in DC, knowing they are well known radical leftists, founders and members of the Weather Underground, with a strong terrorist career, close friends and mentors to Barak Obama, certainly they weren’t there to celebrate President Trump’s Inauguration, to my surprise they were not hostile to me, Bernardine actually acted as your ‘favorite aunt’ and tried to hold my hand, Bill Ayers just kept smiling as the conversation was mostly between her and myself, then I moved my coat lapel closer to my neck, and when he saw the Trump-Pence Inaugural button on the right side of my coat, he said to her “look she is a Trump supporter, I don’t think we can’t listen or talk to her’, then I said “why not, I have as much right to free speech as you do, and you do believe in free speech, don’t you”?

Then he asked me where I was born and why as an “immigrant supported Trump”, and how I “could be satisfied with the state of the country”, I responded that as a proud American Citizen by choice, I believe that our country is the most exceptional, with unlimited opportunities, with the best Armed Forces to serve, and thank God for it (they are atheists), and yes, I was NOT satisfied the way our country was under Obama. We talked about the sad state of our states, particularly in cities like Detroit, Ferguson and Chicago, but they dismiss it as not their fault. Then Bernardine gave me a “fake sweet smile, grabbed my right hand ” and said to me, “you’ll be surprise that we may agree on something” I said “I don’t think so.”

The bottom line is that by pretending to be calm, friendly and ‘feel your pain’ they have been able to brainwashed, indoctrinated and lured millions of people to their reactionary, destructive, anti America, socialist agenda, combine with terrorism. Before saying good night to them and ending our conversation I asked them, what they were doing in DC, they did not responded, but I learned later that he (Bill Ayers) was in Washington DC to help on organizing the violent anti-Trump protest, ageing has not stop them, she has change her physical appearance as a mellow one, with a smile on her face. I left them, joined my friends, Nancy encouraged me to write about the experience, so I have done it. Last, If you want to learn more about Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers go to or

God willing our country will be Great Again under President Trump