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Richard Rider

REVEALED! Rider’s secret GOP cabal meets in his home.

My wife Diane and I had a spirited debate about whether or not I should write this piece. Only when I ASSURED her that our co-conspirators names’ would be redacted and no faint electronic trail would remain did she reluctantly agree to allow me to proceed (in case anyone wants to know who REALLY rules the roost in my house).

Brace yourselves.

In April on extremely short notice we held a clandestine meeting in our home. Diane invited a VERY small number of neighborhood Republican couples to come over for a “wine and cheese” celebration of Neil Gorsuch making it to the U.S. Supreme Court.  He was scheduled to be sworn in the next day.

Only two other couples could make it. Well, DECIDED to make it.

While we had them come to our front door in the normal fashion, there was no outward indication of the purpose of our meeting.  No one sported “Trump” bumperstickers.  They left their “deplorable” attire at home.  By all outward appearances, it was just an informal gathering of friends.  Little did my neighbors know . . . .

I had not met one of the couples.  But our common bond shortly overcame any lack of familiarity. Sort of a “foxhole” friendship quickly developed.

We all were relieved — MORE than relieved — that we could express openly our political views.  Frankly it was exhilarating!

To give you some idea about how exciting we found this:  Here were three senior couples spending two hours together, and not ONCE did the subject of our various physical afflictions come up!  Talk about a rare encounter!

Don’t get the wrong idea about my neighborhood — rather upscale Scripps Ranch. We have a SUBSTANTIAL number of Republicans.  At least “substantial” by California standards.  Indeed, we are normally represented by GOP politicians.  Our mayor, city council critter, county supervisor and state legislators are all Republicans.

Congress?  Not so much.  Democrat Scott Peters is our cross to bear.

Yet in spite of our numbers, most Scripps Ranch Republicans keep their political heads down at public gatherings — lest others discover (and announce to all present) that as Republicans they are therefore racists, xenophobes, homophobes, sexists, misogynists, racists (they like to play the race card over and over), warmongers — and likely pedophiles.

Okay, okay — MAYBE not pedophiles.  Liberals are nothing if not tolerant.

But back to our secret cell’s gathering.  While apparently none of us supported Trump as our first, second or third choice of GOP candidates, we are all pleased with his election. The number ONE reason to support Trump was and is the U.S. Supreme Court.  Gorsuch was the best possible candidate we could have hoped for.  A mainstream nominee (Gorsuch overwhelming voted with other judges on most cases — including liberal judges), he has made clear that his job on the Supreme Court is to judge laws based on our Constitution.  What a novel idea!

The Democrats shot their wad (and shot themselves in the foot) desperately trying to block a clearly solid nominee.  NOW Trump should feel free to pick a “Scalia” for the next opening — more of a firebrand for liberty.  We can only hope.

AN ASIDE: Of the three senior couples, NONE of us were born in California — which I suspect is overwhelmingly the case for anyone over age 70 in the Golden State.  Two couples (including Diane and I) are stereotypes for the region — military men who served in San Diego and decided with their spouses to make it their home.

One couple were legal immigrants who came here decades ago, seeking a better life. And indeed they found it!  I’ll not reveal their country of origin, lest some NSA or IRS database try to track them down.  Sadly, today’s government cannot be trusted not to seek revenge against political opponents — my double negative notwithstanding.

To some degree, we all had some criticism to levy at Trump. But clearly on balance we are absolutely DELIGHTED with his election.  Nothing thrilled us more than watching MSM pundits election night — slowing realizing that their smug assumption about the anointment of Hillary was a chimera.  We each delighted in telling about our feelings that evening.  It seemed we could not hear it often enough.

Clearly Trump is a wild card.  We all have concerns about his future populist actions. His trade policies particularly concern me.  But his cabinet selections have been (with a couple exceptions) stunningly good.  His quick reversal of the recent Obama edicts were further evidence that he’s accomplishing good things in office.

By the end of our happy hour we were all giddy — and not just from the wine.  Seldom do we get a chance to spend such uninhibited time with fellow travelers — freely expressing our opinions (even when we sometimes disagreed on a specific issue).

As we rose for the departure, my wife impetuously called out “group hug.”  Republicans don’t DO “group hugs.”  There’s an unspoken decorum we all usually honor. But group hug we did! Awkwardly but enthusiastically. We’ll need more practice, apparently.

I might add that my wife is a genius for putting our mini-gathering together.  I’m too much of a curmudgeon to initiate such a meet.

Another couple suggested we huddle again at their home in the future. We all agreed. Naturally I cannot divulge the time or place.  Don’t want college professors and their zombie students showing up — seeking to disrupt our soirée while claiming to support diversity.

As the two couples departed, we all tried to dial it down before going out the door. Unbridled enthusiasm would raise suspicions. Everyone put on their best frowny face.  Didn’t go well, but it’s the effort that counts.  Participation Trophies for all!