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Jon Fleischman

SD29 Recall Election: Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker Declares Senate Candidacy

*Exclusive Breaking News*

Today my friend Bruce Whitaker, Mayor of the city of Fullerton, reached out to me to share some news — he has officially decided to run as a candidate on the replacement ballot in the anticipated recall election of State Senator Josh Newman. Newman, a Democrat, has been targeted by a major effort to recall him after his deciding vote for a massive increase in gas a car taxes.

Whitaker, a constitutional conservative, has been elected three times to the Fullerton City Council. Fullerton is the largest city completely within the boundaries of the 29th State Senate District.

Whitaker told me that, “Residents and taxpayers deserve respect from elected legislators. Senator Newman’s voting record proves that he does not reflect the values of this District.” He added, “Southern California needs strong leadership in Sacramento to protect and secure our rights, such as the right to vote on taxes. My record reflects that I’ve long been a passionate advocate for freedom, property rights, justice and fiscal responsibility.”

I was last with Bruce a few weeks at at a gas station on Harbor Boulevard where a massive effort took place to gather signatures for the recall of Newman. Whitaker appeared on the John and Ken Show, which broadcast their show live from that location.

With this announcement Whitaker becomes the first Republican to announce a candidacy in the recall election. His name ID and conservative bona fides will be useful to him in what will be a very short election period. A number of sources have said that former Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang, who was defeated last November by Newman, has been calling around expressing an interest in running as well.

If the recall qualifies (and that is very likely based on the fact that significantly more signatures of registered voters in the district have been turned in than are required to cause the recall election to take place) two questions will be put before voters. The first is whether they want to recall Newman. The second question will if be Newman is recalled who should replace him? In this replacement ballot the top vote-getter would be elected and would serve out the remainder of Newman’s term, through December of 2020.