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Richard Rider

CA state Democrat legislators 3 times more likely to be sex offenders??

Two “facts” I’ve unearthed that everyone should know:

1.  There are about twice as many Democrats as Republicans in the two California state legislatures.
2.  Democrat legislators and senior staffers are responsible for SIX times more sexual abuse incidents than Republicans.

Here is a Q and A about these facts:

Q.  Is it true?

A.  Yes, and no.

Q.  Huh?

A.  The California state legislatures’ ratio of Democrats vs. Republicans is an easily documented fact.  The other is a complete unknown.  Well, unreported, at least.

Q.  Then why claim that “six times” ratio as the Democrats’ abuse figure?

A.  Because a 6-1 ratio is probably quite low.  I like to be conservative with my numbers.  Note that 6 times more Democrat incidents translates to triple the propensity of Democrats to carry out such acts (remember the 2-1 ratio in the state legislature).

Q.  What makes you think your ratio is conservative?

A.  To the extent any names are mentioned by the press regarding this Sacramento scandal, ALL the articles I’ve seen name only Democrats.   So far I haven’t seen the first story of a GOP Sacramento legislator abuser, though doubtless there must be some.

Q.  Nonsense! If the sexual abuse incidents were that lopsided, the press would be all over the story.

A.  That’s not a question.

Q.  *!?#;@!!

A.  Again, not a question.

(Pause to regain composure)

Q.  California has a huge number of reputable media outlets, and some of the most respected newspapers in the nation. SURELY if your assertion were true, someone would be reporting it, don’t you think?

A.  Yes, and no.

Q.  Huh?

A.  Yes, someone SHOULD be reporting it, but the news media is overwhelmingly liberal.  And too often lazy to boot.  Apparently no reporter or their editor WANTS to know the ratio — certainly they don’t want to REPORT it.
NOTE:  The LA TIMES is starting to do some serious research in this area, and is being stonewalled by the legislature — which refuses to answer their public records requests.  So far the newspaper has not asked SPECIFIC questions about the ratio of complaints by political party, but detailed answers to their queries would indeed reveal this information in detail.

Q.  Why not report it?

A.  Because reporting this hugely lopsided sexual harassment ratio would discredit the progressive fundamental tenet that it’s liberals who care about the rights of women (and men).

Q.  What makes you think that this ratio is newsworthy?  Perhaps the press simply doesn’t think it’s germane.

A.  To see if the press should cover it, apply my foolproof test:  Assume the same story, but reverse the political parties. Would not the media be daily pounding away, reporting that disparity?

Q.  Wait, I’m asking the questions, not you!  . . . Right?

A.  Point taken. But my asking if the media would highlight such inordinate GOP legislature abuse is to answer the question.


NOTE: Ten days ago I wrote about this “missed” CA legislature story.  As far as I know, no comparison of political party miscreants has since been reported.