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Richard Rider

If Texas and California switched governments . . . .

Imagine this “Twilight Zone” scenario: Somehow overnight the states of California and Texas swapped their laws and governments. All the CA state and local laws and taxes were now the law in Texas, and all the Texas laws and taxes now ruled in California. The politicians magically switched states as well.

Moreover, the electorate could not change this permanent switch of governments — ya get what ya get in the Twilight Zone. Let’s not allow reality to intrude in this science fiction scenario.

Consider: In 10 years, how many people and firms would remain in Texas? Unless you’re in the cattle or oil business, you’d probably move to California — certainly you’d move OUT of Texas. Indeed, businesses and prosperous folks would FLOCK to California from around the nation — the weather and geographic attributes combined with a great economic climate would be an incredible magnet for those seeking a better life. Texas would quickly become a barren rural backwater.

People vote with their feet. The resulting mass migration would tell us all we need to know about which government is better for the people.

Clearly, the ONLY thing slowing California’s decline is its physical attributes. Absent that, we “Okies” would be heading east en masse.

PERSONAL NOTE: In the real world, the difficult question for many Californians is which state to move to.  That depends on each person’s circumstances — working or retired, big income or small, weather, airports, family ties, etc.

For Californians, there are about 40 or more SIGNIFICANTLY better states when it comes to economic opportunities — factoring in the COL. Nevada is turning Democrat, so I’m avoiding that one as a choice — if only because there are so many OTHER great choices.

Given our family ties and priorities as retirees, my top choices for now are TN, SC, AL, WY, AZ — and perhaps SD, TX, FL, MO, OK, UT, ID, NC, or AR.  We Riders are considering our options, but we have no plans to flee.