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Richard Rider

If Roy Moore were a TRUE patriot, he’d pledge NOW to resign — AFTER his successor was elected in a special election.

What is a “patriot”?  Definitions vary (Google it), but here’s my definition:  A patriot is someone who loves their country, and is willing to make any sacrifice for the protection and betterment of that country.

Thus far, Republican Roy Moore has not met that standard.  He wants to be a U.S. Senator, regardless of what damage he does to the country and to the effectiveness of his political party that (sorta) encompasses his conservative ideals.

But he’s got a problem.  His allies are telling him “If you are guilty as charged of sexual abuse, you should resign.”  In other words, if he resigns, he is tacitly admitting that the charges are true. He vigorously contests these charges, so naturally he doesn’t want to plead guilty to them in the court of public opinion.  I understand that.

He may well win his upcoming election, but if he does, it appears that longer term he will become the Democrats’ poster child (well, after Trump), smearing the GOP as anti-women. With John Conyers and Al Franken resigning, Moore is in an untenable situation.

But Moore’s election is a key to the direction of the country in the tightly contested U.S. Senate.  His future votes are crucial to carrying out Trump’s agenda.  If Moore resigns now, the Democrat wins — even though his state is largely Republican.  The majority of voters will then for (at least) six years be represented by a man who does NOT represent the will of the people of Alabama.

So here’s my solution:  Moore should give a speech now, conceding that his guilt or innocence is no longer the primary issue.  PERCEPTION trumps reality, whatever that reality is.  Thus for the good of the country, he pledges NOW to resign from the U.S. Senate as soon as the state of Alabama can hold a special election to replace him — calling on the Alabama governor to prepare for that election in an expeditious manner.  If the governor chooses not to call such an election, then Moore pledges to unilaterally resign nine months after taking office.

Until he’s replaced, Moore will vote in the U.S. Senate, representing the views of the voters who sent him to DC.  He promises not to run for office in the special election, or to serve if somehow he wins that special election.  Problem solved.

But wait.  We’ve seen such pledges violated before.  Several Congress critters pledged to serve only two-three terms (term limits), only to renege when their self-imposed terms were up.  Moore’s pledge to resign should have enforceable teeth.  Roy Moore should sign a legal document, pledging his earthly assets as collateral for this promise.  If he reneges, his assets are forfeit.

NOTE:  The upcoming Moore election is different than the resignations by incumbents.  When an incumbent resigns, within months their replacement is elected (or can even be appointed by the governor, as is the case for U.S. Senators).  And the successor usually represents largely the same views as the incumbent who resigned.  Doubtless Conyers will be replaced by another far left politician, which is what his electorate prefers.  If Moore resigns now (well, drops out of the race at this late date), Moore would be guaranteeing the Democrats a potentially game-changing six year office — a Democrat that most of the voters of Alabama strongly oppose.

Sure, my solution won’t come to pass.  It’s not gonna end well.  But I thought I’d write this to make clear that there IS a solution to this conundrum.  I can’t be the only one who has thought of this solution.  Moore simply won’t do it.