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Katy Grimes

Crybaby Democrats Hate American Prosperity at SOTU

Here are all of my comments from the State of the Union last evening, along with a few others who joined me at Tom Del Beccarro’s Political Vanguard:
Katy Grimes Do I really have to listen to Juan Williams commenting tonight?  

Katy Grimes finally a POTUS who cares about the people

Katy GrimesDems sitting on their hands – aren’t they Americans too?

 “the steel in America’s spine. Boom 

Katy Grimes love the Coast Guard shout out! Ashley Leppert!
Katy Grimes Trump is America’s patriarch!
Katy Grimes Steve Scalise shout out!!!

Katy Grimes Set aside our differences. These are the people we were elected to serve. Um San Fran Nan, are you listening?

 Katy Grimes “The State of our Union is strong, because our people are strong.” Damn skippy!

Katy Grimes D’s not Impressed with unemployment rates?

Katy Grimes Keep sitting on your hands Democrats while the Prez explains to you how Econ 101 actually works for all Americans!

Katy Grimes 401K plans through the roof! Woot! Woot!

Katy Grimes Biggest tax cuts and reforms in history. What’s not to love? Um, San Fran Nan? Anything to say?

Katy Grimes More take home pay next month? Wow! What’s not to love?
Katy Grimes The Individual Mandate of Obamacare – NOW GONE! Buh Bye!

Katy Grimes Bringing in small manufacturers from Ohio — best year in 20-year history. God love this President. I worked with my hubby in his manufacturing biz for 20+ years… not easy in Obama’s America.

Katy Grimes Cory the Welder got a shout out by Trump! YUGE!!!! 

Katy Grimes Exxon Mobil – $50 BILLION investment in the US. Make America Great Again!

Katy Grimes TRUMP: “No matter where you’ve been or where you come from, this is your time. You can be anything. Together we can achieve absolutely anything!”

Katy Grimes Don’t Democrats love WINNING? Why the long faces Pelosi, Schumer, et al? 

Katy Grimes “In God We Trust.” The motto. Yep. 

Katy Grimes This Navy mom love Trumps love for our military!!!! Go Navy!

Katy Grimes Preston from Redding – 12 year old boy who placed flags at all Veteran graves. God Bless this precious patriot.

PoliticalVanguard.comGroup Admin Trump zings the NFL!!!!

Katy Grimes We stand for the National Anthem!!!!!!

Katy Grimes Is it me, or does Nancy Pelosi look as if she’s got really bad gas?

Suzanne Sharer LOL yes!! Maybe she needs her face lifted again!!

Katy Grimes Suzanne Sharer maybe she sharted… (okay, I know that was gross).

Katy Grimes Choice in our health care decisions… what a free market concept. 

Katy Grimes God I love all that military brass!

James S Robbins So many good news points you never see in the press.

Katy Grimes “We’ve ended the war on beautiful clean COAL!!!”

Katy Grimes We are an exporter of energy to the world! BOOM!
Katy Grimes “Get Motor City revving its engines again.” Oh hell yah!

Katy Grimes NAFTA was a disaster. 

Suzanne Sharer Trading relationships will be fair and reciprocal!

Luis Alvarado NAFTA has many good things that we don’t see

Katy Grimes I’d be happy to debate this with you one day soon.

Katy Grimes America first.
Katy Grimes “America is a nation of builders. Uh huh. Now it takes 10 years for permitting the building of a simple road.”

Katy Grimes Oh c’mon Bernie, clap like you mean it!

Suzanne Sharer He’s probably sitting there thinking “it should be me up there…damn Hillary” lol

Katy Grimes My face hurts from smiling

Suzanne Sharer SO much #winning!! :)

Luis Alvarado Wow! very progressive position on prisoner second chance 

Katy Grimes a second chance at life – so important.
Katy Grimes Mad Dog Mattis!!!!! M’Man!

Luis Alvarado Not all Latinos are MS-13

Katy Grimes duh. No one said they are.

Katy Grimes Oh how awful – the Long Island girls murdered in their home town by MS13 – sickening. Build the Wall. Prosecute illegal aliens. Get them out of our schools.

Luis Alvarado Two separate things Undocumented aliens and criminals.

James S Robbins MS-13 killed a kid in our town too, they are ruthless.

Katy Grimes 320 million hearts are breaking for you. Yes.
Luis Alvarado No one….and I mean no one knows more about gangs and MS-13 than me. The guy who killed people in Vegas concert has a larger body count that that gang.
Katy Grimes not overall killings.

Suzanne Sharer Brought to tears for the families grieving over their daughters murdered by illegals.

Luis Alvarado All criminals deserve to have the book thrown at them

Katy Grimes Absolutely Luis Alvarado! All criminals.
Katy Grimes Americans are DREAMERS too.

Katy Grimes CJ – tough guy! ICE team arrested 400, and 220 MS13 gang members. This guy is a tough mofo! “We’re just tougher than they are,” CJ said. 

Katy Grimes POTUS is going to send CJ and ICE reinforcements. 

Katy Grimes Susan Collins struggled to stand… why? 

Katy Grimes 12 year period to achieve citizenship by DACA. 2nd pillar secures the border and building a GREAT WALL.

Katy Grimes Trumps plan closes the loophole, and ends the dangerous practice of ‘catch and release.’ Immigration isn’t fly fishing folks.

Katy Grimes no mo green cards without skill and merit – time to begin moving toward a merit-based immigration system. Duh. Love and respect our country… as would be demanded by any other country. 

Katy Grimes OMG – that darned ‘chain’ migration thing… NO MORE. But don’t say the word ‘chains’ around Nancy Pelosi, who seems to think the word is a dog whistle… but for who? Does she know anyone who has been in chains?

Katy Grimes A safe, modern and legal immigration system. Nice.

Katy Grimes “My iron clad pledge to sign a bill that puts America first…”

Katy Grimes “Get the job done!” Yes!
Luis Alvarado Not going to be easy…..not at all. we might have another gov closure

Suzanne Sharer Yes but he layed out a plan that now puts it squarely on the dems. 

James S Robbins Cory Booker silently crying tears of outrage. 

Suzanne Sharer 4 Pillars of Immigration Reform:

1 -Provides Pathway to citizenship- illegals brought here illegally must meet education and work requirements and good moral character over a 12 year periodSee More

Katy Grimes Many of these Democrats gave Clinton standing O’s when he said the same things about economics, tax cuts, shrinking government and border protection that Trump is now. – a friend reminded me.

There is no consistency in their foundation or their beliefs.

Katy Grimes Ryan the cop – felt God speak to him. he and his wife and four kids adopted a heroin addict’s baby, who only wanted a safe home for her child. #notadryeye

Katy Grimes “Fully fund our great military!!!! Go Navy!” Making this Navy mom very happy.

Katy Grimes Never forget “Peace Through Strength.” Ronald Reagan
James S Robbins There is nothing to argue about this speech. Just great.
Katy Grimes Selfless love for his selfless warriors. This warrior will tell anyone who asks ‘this is what I do. It’s my job.’ They are indeed selfless.
Luis Alvarado it is a safe speech….
Katy Grimes c’mon Luis. Obama never gave a detailed speech like this – his were always SAFE.
Katy Grimes “I just signed an order prior to walking in… to reexamine our military detention policy… and to keep open GITMO.” I’m asking Congress to ensure in the fight against ISIS… and Al Quaeda… for them it will be Guantanamo Bay.”
Katy Grimes New rules of engagement… who else has rules of engagement or artificial timelines? Total liberal BS.

Katy Grimes Jerusalem, Capitol of Israel. YES! Good move.

James S Robbins Foreign aid only to friends, what a concept
Katy Grimes asking Congress to pass legislation to make sure American $$$ only go to friends of American interests. Uh huh!

Suzanne Sharer I am so thrilled by this!

Katy Grimes I am betting Hillary is drinking Moscow Mules tonight… 

James S Robbins Churchillian point about North Korea

Katy Grimes Otto Warmbier’s parents are in the audience. So very sad.

Katy Grimes “This Capitol – this living monument to the American people.”

Suzanne Sharer Sung Ho’s story …not a dry eye in this room!! FREEDOM!!
James S Robbins Awesome speech, so unlike smug Obama

Katy Grimes “We should never ever forget… the people who dreamed this country, who built this country, and it’s the people who are making America great again.”

Katy Grimes “Our nation will forever be strong safe and free. God Bless America.” And God Bless President Donald J, Trump.
Katy Grimes And now I’m not going to listen to any of the pundit opine on this SOTU – mental midgets all of them.

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