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Ray Haynes

Through It All, I Stand With Trump

I am a political ad junkie. During the election season, I change channels to see the political ads. Strange behavior, I know, but I like to see what the Democrats are saying. This election season has been populated with a lot of ads (here in California for sure) trying to tie Republicans to Trump. That tells me the Dems somehow think the key to their victory is a hatred of Trump. Some Republicans like to join in and reinforce that message of hatred of Trump.

Most of you who know me know I didn’t support Trump in the primaries in 2016. I was wrong. The fact is, politically and on a policy level, Trump has been the best thing to happen to Republicans in a long time. He fights Democrats and their leftist apologists in the media, which explains why they are apoplectic, and make him the focus of their hatred. The reason for their vitriol? Republicans are supposed to fold up their tents and go home when the Dems attack, they are not supposed to attack back, like Trump. Some of the Reps that turn on Trump when the media calls them demonstrate that expected Pavlovian response to those leftist attacks. Trump does not give in. Has he been perfect? No. But let me list how we have been winning…Gorsuch, tax cuts, Kavanaugh, Janus (which resulted from Gorsuch), a booming economy (which resulted from his tax cuts, and repeal of most of Obama’s business killing regulations), shutting down North Korea (to whom Clinton gave nuclear weapons)…need I go on? I am not yet tired of winning. And I want to win more in this election. We are making America great again.

Out of fear, or insanity, the left has followed with even more outrageous claims.

Trump didn’t cause the criminal in Florida to send pipe bombs. If anyone other than the pipe bomber is responsible (a highly dubious proposition), it is those who encourage lenient sentencing of bad people in criminal matters. Most of those folks are Democrats. The bomber should have been in jail, where he couldn’t send out pipe bombs to anyone. Yet the Democrats and their leftist apologists in the media blame Trump for the failures of their flawed criminal justice policies.

Trump didn’t cause the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh. If anyone is responsible for that (once again, a highly dubious proposition), it is those (mostly Democrats) who engage in hate speech against Israel, and who forgive antisemitism in the name of “religious tolerance” (justifying the antisemitism of radical Islam). Yet the Democrats blame Trump for their justification of antisemitic rhetoric.

I believed Justice Kavanaugh (such a great thing to say, Justice Kavanaugh…).

I’m not sure what the language in Section 1 of the 14th Amendment that says “…All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” (emphasis added) means, I haven’t researched it, but I know the original intent was to grant slaves full citizenship, since they were subject to the unfortunate jurisdiction of this country from the day they were born (and ask Dred Scott what he thought of that jurisdiction before the enactment of the 13th Amendment). As to those who figure out a way to get to this country just to get citizenship for their children (and then use our immigration laws to get citizenship for themselves), I just don’t know. For that reason, it is not smart to claim to be an originalist, then pronounce Trump wrong, it is reactionary. He may be wrong, I just don’t know, and I will confirm or refute his position by research, not knee-jerk reaction.

Democrats, and their leftist media apologists, have made Trump the issue in these midterm elections. Their ads distort or mock Trump’s record, and by extension, the record of the Republican Congress, attempting to capitalize on the breathless leftist hyperbole in the news. These leftists know what I know, Trump didn’t win the presidency by much. 40,000 people (out of the 12 million that voted) in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan change their vote, and we are looking at President Clinton. The entire focus of the social turmoil of the last 2 years has been directed at changing the minds of those 40,000 people. And the Dems hope this midterm election will be just the next nail in the 2020 coffin they are designing for President Trump. And some Reps are happily picking up a hammer to help.

My point…Trump has kept his promises, and his policies have been great for this country. He deserves our support, and our Republican friends, Mimi Walters, Dana Rohrabacher, Diane Harkey, Jeff Denham, Steve Knight, Young Kim, and all our Republican house members, as well as those who are challenging Dem house members around the state, need to go to the House to complete the task, the task the left fears most, that is, the success of the Trump agenda. I stand with Trump, because in the end, he has earned my support. His allies deserve that support as well.