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Katy Grimes

Voter’s Take Heed: Gov. Newsom Poised to Make Us All Part Of San Francisco

“Welcome to El Sanfransisco!”

If  Gavin Newsom was elected Governor, Californians may end up saying “Welcome to El Sanfransisco!”

San Francisco used to be the gem of the once-Golden State. Today visitors and residents see on the streets squalor, trash, human poop and urine, used heroin needles, rats, and homeless people. The city is even experiencing Hepatitis outbreaks.


Unless California wants this to become the “new normal” for the entire state, a vote for Gavin Newsom for California Governor is a vote for Night of the Living Dead because that’s what is taking over California cities.

Gavin Newsom was San Francisco Mayor 2004 – 2011, during which time he was widely criticized for poor management of his department managers, as well as a massive city budget for only 800,000 people. “In San Francisco, running a city department like a Franz Kafka nightmare doesn’t cost a decisionmaker his job,” SF Weekly wrote in 2009 in an article titled, The Worst-Run Big City in the U.S..

Sex Scandals

Also during his time as Mayor, “with all the sex and betrayal of a tawdry novel, Mayor Gavin Newsom admitted Thursday that he had an affair with his campaign manager’s wife,” the New York Times reported back in 2007.

“Corey Cook, a political science professor at the University of San Francisco, said both Mr. Newsom’s affair and Mr. Ragone’s actions online might make some voters question the mayor’s judgment,” the NYT reported. “’Part of the appeal of this administration is that they were young and active,” he said. ‘But there was a concern about their maturity level.’”


Democrat Amanda Renteria, who entered the California’s governor’s race late, went on the attack against Newsom, calling on him to step down as lieutenant governor because of his decade-old sex scandals. “Newsom, who easily won statewide office twice after the dustup, admitted in 2007 to an affair with his appointments secretary, a woman married to his campaign manager, Alex Tourk,” Marisa Lagos reported. “At the time, Newsom was separated from his first wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is now a Fox News host. He later briefly dated a 19-year-old woman.”

The Streets of San Francisco

“San Francisco’s streets are so filthy that at least one infectious disease expert has compared the city to some of the dirtiest slums in the world,” NPR reported. “Our resources have been focused on really trying to clean up areas that mostly have been trashed by homeless, had tents where people [were] living in them,” Nuru says. “People were using the streets for the bathroom. … It creates definitely a different problem.”


Flash forward to 2018: The city’s convention center and visitor’s bureau head has been pleading with the city leaders to get control of the zombie apocalypse currently inhabiting the streets. “The streets are filthy. There’s trash everywhere. It’s disgusting,” Joe D’Alessandro, president of S.F. Travel told the Chronicle’s Heather Knight. “I’ve never seen any other city like this — the homelessness, dirty streets, drug use on the streets, smash-and-grabs.”

All drama aside, Americans have watched the destruction of socialistic Venezuela, for many of the same reasons San Francisco is decaying. Before the country elected a socialist president, Venezuela was one of the wealthiest countries in the western hemisphere. Now its people are starving to death.

Gavin Newsom’s San Francisco

“The intrusion of politics into government pushes the city to enter long-term labor contracts it obviously can’t afford, and no one is held accountable,” SF Weekly reported in the 2009 article. “A belief that good intentions matter more than results leads to inordinate amounts of government responsibility being shunted to nonprofits whose only documented achievement is to lobby the city for money. Meanwhile, piles of reports on how to remedy these problems go unread. There’s no outrage, and nobody is disciplined, so things don’t get fixed.”


A commenter on an article write this: “Twice in San Francisco’s history the populace got so fed up with the city’s crime and corruption that they literally rose up in armed rebellion against the government and the criminals and fought to take their city back.
Sadly, this was when Californians still had ‘huevos’ and ‘testicular fortitude.’ Now the subjects of that sad city walk with blinders on, not seeing or commenting on all the horrid things going on.”

“Welcome to El Sanfransisco! The newest 3rd world blighted nation.”


Gavin Newsom left San Francisco’s Mayor’s office one year early when he was elected California’s Lieutenant Governor in 2011. Except he originally ran for Governor. As Debra Saunders explained, “Newsom’s problem: He couldn’t beat Brown in the 2010 Democratic primary, so he dropped out of the top race to run for junior governor… Then Newsom quit a real job, San Francisco mayor, a year early to assume this window-shopping position.”

As with many tin-pot dictators, Newsom has shown time and time again that he’s not really interested in the issues – he likes being in charge. With his history of pandering to labor unions with exorbitant raises during election years, Newsom is a disaster waiting to happen as the leader of a state of 40 million people.

Newsom couldn’t manage 800,000 people in San Francisco; Imagine what he will do to 40 million.

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