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Katy Grimes

A Caravan Worth Following: ‘CAUTION: Fraud Ahead’ Tour


Despite the media’s romance with the caravan invasion from Honduras and Mexico headed for the United States border, Jesse Rojas, President of Californians for Accountability PAC, is leading a legal caravan.  Rojas is driving a box truck following the blue tour bus for gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom. Calling it the “Caution: FRAUD AHEAD Tour Rojas and company are warning of “Lost jobs and higher taxes.”


Jesse Rojas

I call it “a caravan worth following.” Jesse Rojas says it’s his #truthtruck following the blue bus tour.

Rojas said voters should put the state on a better path this Election Day and support John Cox for Governor. And he’s drawing attention to Newsom’s bus tour:


“Gavin Newsom has served as Lieutenant Governor for the last eight years and California has become less affordable, taxes have gone up, and dangerous criminals have been released onto our streets,” Rojas said. “John Cox knows what it’s like to struggle and he knows how to run a business and create jobs. Working Californians can count on John Cox to protect taxpayers and public safety and present new solutions to our state’s challenges.”


I talked with Rojas Sunday while he was on the road. “We’re doing things outside of a normal campaign,” Rojas explained. “We are doing things that are meaningful and effective, like following Newsom, and bringing attention to what’s ahead for Californians should Newsom win.

Rojas is a unique voice for this campaign as he and his family are legal immigrants from Mexico. Rojas warns California voters that Newsom’s policies would take California in the direction “of the country I ran away from:”


“The reason why we are doing this is myself, as a Hispanic immigrant from the age of 11, I am deeply concerned for the State of California. I personally and my parents did not come from Mexico to see politicians like Gavin Newsom and others try to turn this state economically and socially into the country I ran from. So we’re here to tell other concerned Californians that under Gavin Newsom and his colleagues we will continue to get the same high taxes, continue to lose jobs, businesses will continue to move out of California, and everything else they’ve been doing. So we’re out here spreading the message.”


Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Cox, who has been endorsed by President Donald Trump, calls those responsible for California’s failing status, “out-of-touch-elites,” of which “Gavin Newsom is the poster boy.”

“These elitists just told us we’re going to have to live on half the water we currently use,” Cox said in our interview in July, referring to Gov. Jerry Brown’s recent bill signed restricting every California resident to 55 gallons per day until 2025, 52.5 gallons from 2025 to 2030 and 50 gallons beginning in 2030 — or receive a fine of $10,000 a day.


Gavin Newsom

“We’ve got to repeal Jerry Brown’s massive $52 billion gas tax increase,” Cox said.  The gas tax increase repeal is on the November ballot as Proposition 6 – YES on Prop. 6 is the correct vote for the repeal.

“If we start spending like Texas does — efficiently – we’re going to get much more roads and highways – twice as many roads,” Cox said. “We definitely need another governor to make this happen.”he added.


John Cox

“Water, housing affordability, and the gas tax — these are the issues we must immediately get to work on,” Cox said. “We need to unshackle the productive capacity of California’s vast economic engines, unleash small business, roll back oppressive regulations and focus on economic growth. This is the only possible way to rescue California from a likely financial melt-down.”

Jesse Rojas’s warning of “Lost Jobs and Higher Taxes Ahead” is right on.

“This election will set up a clear choice between Venezuela, which is what Gavin Newsom wants California to look like, and the California Dream restored, which is what I am aiming to do,” Cox said. “We’re going to shock the nation – a shocker like Brexit, like Trump. The people of California are ready for it… they are fed up.”


Please visit to learn more. And be sure to VOTE Tuesday, as if your life depends on it.

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