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Katy Grimes

Lawsuit Against Santa Barbara School District Over ‘Unconscious Bias’ Curriculum

Los Angeles attorney Eric Early, working with a group of Santa Barbara parents and teachers over anti-Caucasian, anti-male, anti-Christian and ‘Unconscious Bias’ curriculum, filed a complaint complaint Monday evening in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on behalf of Fair Education Santa Barbara against the Santa Barbara Unified School District and JUST Communities Central Coast.

In an interview, Early said they brought suit against the “anti-Caucasian, anti-Christian organization calling itself, Just Communities Central Coast, Inc. (“JCCC”), and its’ willing enabler, SBUSD,”  because Defendants have employed and continue to employ policies and procedures for teaching SBUSD’s teachers and students that unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex and religion.

From the lawsuit, Early includes the following chart, one of many examples, copied directly from JCCC’s materials and speaks for itself:

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 12.44.46 PM

What exactly is SBUSD and Just Communities doing to the children?

They are teaching indoctrinating children using the following adopted curriculum from the Institute for Equity in Education, a project of JUST Communities::

  • “White People: A term used to describe people of European ancestry, who have historically held positions of dominance, privilege, and social power in Western society. This term has changed over time based on societal notions of those in power.”
  • “Collusion (of white people) working together to make something happen…—intentionally or unintentionally—consciously or unconsciously—by action, inaction, or silence.”
  • ”(White People) Privilege: Unearned access to resources that enhance one’s chances of getting what one needs, or influencing others in order to lead a safe, fulfilling, productive life.”

California Department of Education, transitional kindergarten through grade three…explains gender:

  • “Some people say there are only two genders. But there are really many genders. And for some people there are more than just two choices. These are just a few words people use: trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gender-fluid, transgender, gender-neutral, agender, neutrois, bi-gender, third-gender, two-spirit…”
  • ”…and there are even more words people are using to describe their experience. This is called gender spectrum.”
  • “Babies can’t talk, so grownups make a guess by looking at their bodies.”

In September, I wrote about this radical curriculum change in “California Schools Pushing Racist, LGBT, SJW Agenda on Children,” and explained:

The Santa Barbara School Board is considering three memorandums of understanding that would allow Just Communities Central Coast to continue to plan and facilitate teacher development and training programs addressing diversity and inequality issues. The Just Communities Central Coast’s mission is ostensibly to improve inclusion and empowering individuals from schools, nonprofit organizations and other entities, because “Social change doesn’t take place in a vacuum.”

Most parents aren’t sending their children to school to learn social justice activism. Reading, writing, math, science, history, language, geography, art, music and sports are what most parents expect their children will be taught. But that is just not the case anymore. Evidence of this is seen on the nightly news with Antifa protests, universities banning speakers, and college snowflakes who melt at the mere suggestion of a real or imagined transgression.

Promoting ‘Unconscious Bias’

Early said under the guise of promoting so-called “unconscious bias” and “inclusivity” instruction, JCCC’s actual curriculum and practices are overtly and intentionally anti-Caucasian, anti-male, and anti-Christian. “SBUSD has whole
heartedly supported and promoted JCCC’s discriminatory program and has paid JCCC more than $1,000,000 since 2013 alone, and on September 11, 2018, considered contracting with JCCC for additional 4 years at a cost to the taxpayers of more than $1.7 million. On October 9, 2018, SBUSD renewed its contract with JCCC for another year at a cost to the taxpayers of nearly $300,000.”

Additionally, SBUSD’s Board Policy requires SBUSD to obtain a conflict of interest statement regarding the relationships between JCCC and SBUSD, which SBUSD has failed to do, Early said.

Parents and teachers consider this curriculum inappropriate and detrimental to their children. Early describes the material as “political and divisive,” and noted that many of the meetings between Just Communities Central Coast and the Santa Barbara school board took place behind closed doors.

Early says the Santa Barbara proposed curriculum is “patently discriminatory against Caucasian and Christian students, and is a violation of California Government Code and California Education Code.

Is it any wonder that recent national and state polls show rising percentages of parents and the public that want school choice?

Early said the curriculum is about ideology, not education, and the program is divisive. “Let the District go about diversity training the proper way.”

Early plans to file a Motion for Preliminary Injunction by Wednesday. We will follow this lawsuit carefully and report updates.

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