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Richard Rider

Why California has a low homicide rate (it’s NOT gun control!)

BOTTOM LINE:  California’s relatively low murder rate is NOT the result of our gun control laws.  It’s primarily due to the fact that our state has a small black population and a large Asian population.

When CA progressives tout our low gun death rate compared to other states, they like to attribute our low murder rate to our state’s stringent gun control laws.  But they are ignoring the single biggest correlation with our nation’s murder rate — the percent of blacks in a state.  In addition, consider the INVERSE correlation — the percent of Asians in a state.

On average, blacks commit murders at a rate about four times higher than their percent of the population.  The overwhelming number of these deaths are with guns, and the overwhelming number of these gun deaths are committed with illegally owned firearms.

In the U.S, blacks constitute 12.6% of the population.

In CA, blacks constitute 5.9% of the state’s population.

Indeed, considering the black population of just the other 49 states (taking CA out of the national average), on average blacks make up 13.5% of those state’s population. Hence the other states average 129% more blacks than California.

Thus it’s no surprise that — compared to most other states — our CA gun death rate is lower.  BTW, not THAT much lower:  Looking at the 2017 murders, 27 states have a higher murder rate than CA.  22 states are lower.  The factor that jumps out at you when looking at these low murder rate states is the low percentage of blacks in these states.

It gets even more disconcerting when we look at the MALE murder rate — white vs black.  Using 2013 figures (the most recent I could find), we find that the white male murder rate is 4.7 per 100,000.  The black male murder rate is 33.0.  In other words, black males are on average seven times more likely to commit murder than white males.  And I should note that since 2013 the “Ferguson Effect” has resulted in the black murder rate rising significantly, though I don’t have the specific figures.

Now, about the Asian population. On average they have by FAR the lowest murder rate of any race.  Whites commit murder at almost three times the Asian murder rate.  The black murder rate is over twenty times higher than the Asian murder rate.

CA has the second HIGHEST percent of Asians of any state (Hawaii is highest).  CA is 14.9% Asian. The U.S. average including CA is 5.6%.  The average of just the other 49 states is 4.3%.  Hence CA has about 3.5 times higher percentage of Asians than is found in the other 49 states on average.



The percentage of individuals in each racial demographic arrested for murder in 2013 (with 2016 population estimates) was:

  • 0.0102% of Black or African American population (4,379/42,975,959)
  • 0.0023% of American Indian or Alaska Native population (98/4,200,658)
  • 0.0019% Hispanic American population (1,096/57,516,697)
  • 0.0014% of White American (3,799/198,077,165)
  • 0.0010% of Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander population (6/646,255)
  • 0.0005% of Asian American population (101/18,418,268)


Is it racist to point these facts out?  I don’t think so, though that will be the claim.  But these observations are factual.  And that’s what angers liberals the most.

Indeed, I think it’s racist to NOT recognize the high murder rate by blacks.  Over 90% of black murderers kill other blacks.  It’s surely a black culture problem, not a “racial” problem.

To not face this problem head-on for PC reasons translates into an acceptance of the continuing slaughter of black men, women and children.  Blacks, thank your friendly black civil rights leaders.

do NOT accept this ongoing black murder epidemic.  I think it’s an avoidable tragedy that needs to be confronted and addressed — especially within the black community.  So I’m the racist??  I think not.  Only black “leaders” and KKK bigots are content with the status quo.