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Ray Haynes

I Can Sit Anywhere I Want At My Favorite Restaurant

Can you imagine 50, or 500 people a day, walkin’ into every local public health office and singin’ “I can sit anywhere I want at my favorite restaurant” why they’ll think it’s a movement, and that’s what it is the Favorite Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement, and it needs to start now.

I always loved Arlo Guthrie’s song “Alice’s Restaurant” because it made a point. You don’t have to be serious or violent to make your point known, you just need to speak it, and act accordingly.

There’s a protest at the state capitol in Sacramento on May 1. And the state government won’t give them a permit to hold the protest. Reason? Why–the government just doesn’t brook opposition to its stupid orders. The First Amendment allows the protest, because denying the permit is blatantly unconstitutional, but no one ever accused this California State Government of giving a rat’s behind about the Constitution.

This much we know – 99.9% of the people of this state are not infected with the COVID – 19 virus, and less than 99.99% of the people of this state have died from the virus. More people will die from the criminals that the left will let out of prison, claiming they are trying to protect the prisoners from the virus, than will die from the disease. How about this? Keep them in prison, and let us out.

What will bring down this massive government intrusion on political and economic liberty? Very simple. Mass disobedience. I don’t mean people standing out in the streets protesting. That is good, but truthfully, that will take too long. What will end this illegal lock down is just living your life. Do you own a business? Open it back up, and let people in. Worry less about keeping them six feet apart, worry more about making a living. If you work, go to work. If you have employees, let them come back to work. Go to the beaches and the parks and the public areas, en masse. The more people that defy the foolish order, the more pressure will mount on the government to just leave us all alone.

Ignore the media. They are the propaganda arm of the police state we are living in right now. The stories today called the people who went to the beaches over the weekend “morons.” They then celebrated the ACLU’s efforts to let people out of prison. You would think that an organization that claims to be supportive of civil liberties would actually fight to end the lock down of innocent citizens, rather than fight against the lock down of criminals.

Make the government do its job. Test and contact trace. Keep the criminals in prison away from the rest of us (they are the real danger to the public health). An article in Sunday’s news talked about how the state is going to have to borrow money to pay its unemployment insurance commitments. Their laziness caused this crisis, and I will bet you that, in about 3 months, with the hysteria over the outbreak has died down, the government is going to raise the taxes on the business the government forced to shut down to pay for the unemployment insurance shut down. It will be the government’s sneaky way of trying to maintain its bloated bureaucracy without raising taxes on the “working class.”

Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating anyone violate the order, but I do know how government works. The Arrogant Lazy Authoritarians (the ALA) can only persist in their authoritarian ways if the good people they govern (those that get up every day, and work for a living) go along with their orders. Most of the time, people do go along because they either agree with the order or they fear the violence of the state. Resistance is best expressed by simply living your life and feeding your family. If enough people do that, the “stay at home” order will collapse of its own weight, and government will have to go back to doing its real job.

So, let’s start the Favorite Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement. Right now, alleged public health officials are using their power to massacre thousands of small business, particularly restaurants, hair salons, small business owners that don’t have the political power to get themselves declared “essential,” while this government officials sit at home and collect a paycheck. If we start the Favorite Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement, by simply walking into the nearest public health office and singin’ (to the tune of Alice’s Restaurant) “I can sit anywhere I want at my favorite restaurant” and walk out. Why, they won’t know what to do, and they just might end the lock down.

If they don’t, well then, just show them you believe in liberty, and go to the beach, or to the park, or back to work, or anything else. Quit sitting around the house watching Tiger King. That will kill you faster than any screwball disease.