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Ray Haynes

Public Health Officials Didn’t Do Their Job, and We Are Paying For It

To anyone who believes that our current economic crisis is not the result of government incompetence and overreaction, I give you the following story, and quote from the story:

Less than two years ago, county officials in Los Angeles warned that deadly disease outbreaks were becoming a “serious threat” and that the county’s public health system still suffered from “gaps” in “strategy” and “resource preparation,” including a “limited number of ventilators.”

To put this is perspective, Los Angeles County has over one half the statewide deaths and almost one-half of the total infections in the State of California, yet the entire state is being forced into an economic shutdown because of the incompetence of LA County health officials. Did Governor Newsom happen to mention that in his briefing yesterday, when he said “Politics will not drive our decision-making; protests will not drive our decision-making; political pressure will not drive our decision-making.” It’s “science, the data, public health” that will be main factors.”

Yeah, sure. Newsom was aware that this situation could occur, LA County Supervisors were aware this situation could occur. Public health officials were aware this situation could occur, and they did nothing. Their incompetence has led to an unconstitutional and draconian “quarantine” order, that has led to the loss of millions of jobs, and threatens the financial future of millions of Californians, yet the incompetent public health officials (and Newsom their mouthpiece) have paid no price at all. They still get their paychecks, no one has threatened to take their jobs. Heck, until today, the media didn’t even discuss this evidence of gross incompetence.

The Governor issues daily threats against the civil liberties of Californians. Ordinary people, whose only crime is wanting to live their life and feed their family, are being threatened with criminal prosecution. And the government officials whose inaction led to the inability of the state to properly respond to the situation, and that led to this ugly quarantine order, escape scot-free. In a land that’s known as freedom, how can such a thing be fair?

And, despite the mounting evidence that, again, this “quarantine” is totally unnecessary, the Governor wants to force business to keep people six feet apart at least through June, and tells churches they can’t have services. Our Arrogant-Lazy-Authoritarian-in-Chief (ALAIC) continues to exercise his authoritarian ways unchecked by the Legislature, the media, or any other part of our state or society. Local governments, too fearful to protect liberty themselves, fall into lockstep with his unreasonable orders, shutting down their neighbors’ businesses and churches. The incompetence of the LA County health officials caused the crisis, and the Supervisors and City Councils of the rest of the state refuse to do their job, and say no to this unreasonable order.

Where is the media on all this? Spreading the falsehoods of the ALAIC and his minions, the ones he claims are the experts. In one month, there has been one story on the failures of the California and Los Angeles County governments. There have been dozens of stories about how the Donald Trump administration screwed up. The federal government is the back up system. State and Local officials are the front lines. They are supposed to be ready for this kind of thing, and they were not. They focused on everything but actually protecting the health and safety of ordinary Californians. The warning signs were there, and our governments focused on plastic bag bans and controlling the gig economy, and not on actually protecting people in time of any kind of emergency.

We get the government we deserve, I guess, and, in California, that government is hiding its incompetence on the back of working class Californians. We keep electing these incompetent “you know whats” and we allow them to escape accountability by blaming Donald Trump for their incompetence. Their media lapdogs publish the propaganda of the ALAIC without critical analysis, and you and I pay the price.

It’s time to open up California, and hold those who caused this “crisis” responsible. It wasn’t China, it wasn’t Donald Trump, it was Gavin Newsom, the ALAIC, and the public health experts who failed to do their job.