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Ray Haynes

Politics, Not Science, Drive the Decisions of California’s Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian In Chief

Is there any doubt now that the decisions of Gavin Newsom, California’s Arrogant-Lazy-Authoritarian-in-Chief (ALAIC), are driven by politics and not science?

If beaches need to be closed, they need to be closed everywhere. If they don’t need to be closed everywhere, then they don’t need to be closed anywhere. So why did ALAIC Newsom choose to close Orange County beaches? Because Orange County had the gall to stand up to his irrational order.

By all eyewitness and law enforcement accounts, Orange County residents acted reasonably in going to the beach. But that’s not good enough for ALAIC Newsom. People ignored his order, and the local officials justified it, so he needs to make an example. This order is a sign to other counties, stand up against me, and I will take you down, just like I’m doing to Orange County.

The only crime here is people looking to enjoy a weekend at the beach. I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to the beach, I don’t like to be within six feet of anyone anyway, unless I know them. And by the looks of the pictures I saw, people were not that close. Police officers on the site walked around the beach reminding the visitors to the beach of social distancing and reported that people obeyed them (I wouldn’t have, just to be rebellious, but that’s me). Local officials reported safe and calm interaction at the beaches.

But ALAIC Newsom saw it as flouting his authority, so he’s punishing them.

Here’s the good news, the local elected officials in Orange County, for the most part, are rational, and they are not happy about being singled out. What can they do? Ignore ALAIC Newsom. The law enforcement officials work for the local elected officials, not ALAIC Newsom. If they don’t cite or arrest people at the beach, the order will be toothless, and may begin the collapse of ALAIC Newsom’s oppressive regime. It only remains to be seen if they have the guts to follow through.

Here are the facts. Orange County has one-tenth the number of COVID-19 infections than LA County, and one-twentieth the number of deaths, yet the order did not single out LA County, only Orange. Even though Orange County has roughly the same population as San Diego County,and substantially fewer COVID-19 infections and deaths, San Diego’s beaches can remain open. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think San Diego’s beaches should be closed, but if there is any evidence that ALAIC Newsom is driven by politics, singling out Orange County in light of these statistics is it.

Orange County is the only county that didn’t vote for Newsom two years ago. Orange County’s local officials have been quick to question the reasonableness of Newsom’s orders. He had to make an example of someone, so why not Orange County, it satisfies his political prejudices and punishes those who dare to stand up to him.

That is how we know Newsom is an arrogant lazy authoritarian. He can no longer hide behind the opinions of the so-called experts as the rationale behind his decisions. Understand this, he issued the quarantine orders claiming that experts told him 22 million Californians could be sick if he didn’t do anything. He stoked the fear surrounding the disease by claiming that hospitals couldn’t handle the influx of those stricken by the disease. He was wrong, the experts were wrong, hospitals are empty, nurses are being laid off, people are struggling to make ends meet, and ALAIC Newsom can’t afford to allow anyone in any position of authority to stand up to him.

Two years from now, we will see that none of this was necessary, and ALAIC Newsom will have to be able to claim that “everyone saw” how dangerous COVID-19 was, which is why they all followed his orders. The local elected officials of Orange County have claimed they are for freedom, here is their chance to really prove it. We are at a crossroads in this state, we either fall into the abyss of tyranny, with a thin patina of alleged freedom, or those like ALAIC Newsom are shown, by real believers in freedom, the limits of their power. To those elected officials I say, you took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of California, it is time to prove you know exactly what that meant. The Bill of Rights, the freedom of speech and association, and the freedom of religion are the key elements of freedom that ALAIC Newsom has violated. If you choose to ignore it, you can no longer claim that you believe in the freedom of every California to live their life as they see fit, feed their family, and worship where they wish. Going to the beach is NOT a crime, and ALAIC Newsom can’t make it so. You can prove to your constituents, and the people of the State of California, that you understand that.

Or you can be the sheep that ALAIC Newsom hopes you are. It’s up to you.