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Bruce Bialosky

My Antifa Dream

When I decided to join Antifa, I never thought I would see what is happening ever occur. I met like-minded people who likewise did not like their lives and did not like our government or any government. We were rebellious and perceived as far outside the mainstream. We were often called radicals and anarchists. Who would have ever dreamt that in such a short time we would be accepted by others including elected officials who are part of the establishment we want to tear down.

I connected online with the group and began to understand what they were all about. I heard a lot of voices similar to mine — frustrated with the government we have and wanting to turn it on its head and embrace a new government where the people are in charge and not all those rich people. My new friends let me know they were going to have a protest and I decided to show up.

It was in Berkeley on September 14, 2017. There was some Jew guy speaking at the University that I had never heard of – Ben Shapiro. I was told he was a really capitalist pig who hated radicals like me. I was told he was really Jewish and hated my Muslim friends who were part of us outcasts.

We marched over to the college from a local park. It was really cool being with all these other people who thought like me. Then after we made a lot of noise and scared a lot of people on campus disturbing the speech, a bunch of people arrived dressed totally in black. Even their faces were covered with black ski masks. People told me they were the Black Bloc and they were serious badasses. They started to break windows and start fires. Real mayhem broke out while all the news reporters were out filming us.

Only nine people were arrested and they were all let go. We had just busted up a big time university and nothing happened. That was way cool. Who would have thought we could do that and get away with it? So we just marched on.

Things really changed for us after that Black guy was murdered by that cop pig in Minnesota. We rushed to Minneapolis to participate in the mayhem. We found out a Black group named Black Lives Matter was taking the lead which was fine with us. I found out their founders are as radical as we are. We could do our usual destruction and provocation without any focus on us. They thought we were just White guys supporting the Blacks.

In Minneapolis, we burned down a police station and they didn’t stop it. They even called us “protesters.” They just kept saying we were protesters after we started destroying the city. The Mayor came to talk to us and we kicked his sorry ass back to where he came from. As we kept destroying things, they kept saying we were “mostly peaceful.”

We started spreading out across the United States. We mixed in with these “protesters” and then did our damage at night. During the day you should have seen these rich, white bitches marching with us supposedly supporting the cause of BLM. What a joke; we hated their guts even while they were trying to be nice to us. All I could think was we are coming after you next idiot.

The Mayor of Seattle even shut down six city blocks and allowed us to run the place. They gave it a funny name – CHAZ. She just let us take over the area and we took over a police station. These people are so stupid.

The best was all those stupid elected officials thinking they are friends with us. That stupid lady in Seattle who called it the “Summer of Love.” The guy in Portland, Wheeler, who came out to protest with us. We almost beat his head in. The best was all those people in Washington saying silly things. The Speaker of House calling federal officers “Stormtroopers” and then said she did not care if we tore down statues. She even spoke of the “immense power of peaceful protests” as we threw Molotov cocktails at her federal building and rocks at her federal police. That guy Jerry Nadler, who is head of some important committee in Congress, saying anarchist violence in Portland is a “myth.” He should get off his ass and come see all the violence we have done. What fools. The Democrats will not even acknowledge we exist or say we are doing anything wrong. The latest I hear is that the Democrats candidate Biden said Antifa is just an “idea.” Come out and see us you fool; we will show you what an idea really is.

I understand some press people and elected officials even tried to blame what we were doing on White Supremacists. What fools! We hate those fascists. If they were here, we would kick their butts.

We are now going into the neighborhoods of those same women who marched with us to get them to join us. Joining us is not negotiable. You may have seen how my comrades talked to those ladies who were experiencing their white privilege at sidewalk cafes while denying the importance of our Black comrades. We are not afraid to get in the face of these selfish people to let them know the ignorance of their ways harms us all.

The best was after the event at the White House. All those people streamed out of the place and the Mayor did not send over any cops to protect them. We even surrounded a U.S. Senator. We were going to kick his and his wife’s ass, but the pigs got there just in time to save them. But we scared the crap out of them.

Who would have ever thought when I got involved we would have the support of so many people who we hate and want gone? All those elected officials calling us peaceful protesters. All the press and elected officials defending us. All those guilty liberals marching with us. I never thought it would be so easy to overthrow this government. This has to be a dream.

(Author’s note: My take on what is going on in the mind of an active Antifa member)