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Bruce Bialosky

The False Hope of a Return to Normalcy

He is vulgar, self-centered, and autocratic. He goes against everything we stand for and America represents. If we can just replace him, we can return to a sense of normalcy. This is what some Republicans say about President Trump. The problem with this statement is that it is far from the truth. If they were true it is because Democrats have caused the disruption and then pointed fingers at Trump.

The fact that there are Republicans who from day one disliked Mr. Trump for his manner is understandable. But these people call themselves “Republicans” or “Conservatives.” On or before January 19, 2017, that characterization of Trump would have floated. Nearly four years later they cannot justify their lack of support of Trump based solely on this premise. The policies Mr. Trump has affected have been more conservative than their hero Ronald Reagan.

The only policy of Republican orthodoxy President Trump has countered is enacting tariffs. The argument can be made they don’t work against Canada, but they are mainly aimed at China. The anti-Trumpers argue against the tariffs, but have had no answers for dealing with China just as the Democrats haven’t since Henry Kissinger went to China and met with Chou En-Lai. Like the Democrats they were willing to appease the rich people profiting off Chinese relations while manufacturing jobs were sacrificed by the hundreds of thousands in the name of “free markets.” That would be fine if the Chinese had free markets that did not use slave labor which now includes Muslims and recently supplemented with Tibetans.

They chastise Trump for having the gumption to challenge our NATO allies who have let us carry their water for 70 years. Trump forced that to change. He ended our blind allegiance to most international organizations that take our money and then create policies that attack us and our ally Israel. He pulled out of the Paris Accords. Notably none of the signatories are abiding by its goals except America and it would have us throwing billions at “impoverished countries.” He ended the deal with Iran which handed them billions that was then turned over to their terrorist friends for use against us and our allies. These moves antagonized the Anti-Trumpers because the moves went against the established world order even if America suffered from that order. You do not want to miss out on the soirees at those international meetings.

There are multiple people who do not love Trump but question the wisdom of these “Republicans” who brandished their credentials as partisans. Yet Anti-Trumpers are willing to sacrifice the country to the likes of the team supporting Joe Biden. Are these fools really to believe with the nature of the party that surrounds Biden, that any of their policies will have a modicum of moderation? These supposedly experienced politicos and commentators could only be ignoring what has been outlined by the formerly Democrat Party as it has lurched into an unrecognizable facsimile of its prior self. They should have read the analysis done by this columnist on the six parts of the Unity Task Force. It is truly frightening what the opposition wants to do the alter life in America.

Then there is the plan to increase taxes by $4 trillion while we are rebounding from a COVID created recession. It has been exacerbated by the extended shutdowns by Democrat governors who have crippled their states causing an ever-greater reliance on government for daily basics. Combine that with Democrats’ desire to end (for the first time in decades) energy independence on the false hope of renewable energy replacing it without adequate science to support their claims. This is a recipe for economic disaster.

In my many forays into the political arena, I participated in the California Republican Party at the behest of a friend and state chair. I attended the semi-annual conventions where they mainly exhibited fighting between people who branded themselves “conservatives” and others who branded themselves “moderates.” I listened to their arguments and answered: “You do realize that despite your disputes you agree with them 85% of the time and you agree with the Democrats 15% of the time.” Some learned that lesson while others were hopelessly buried in their misguided philosophies.

The same holds true in this matter. These anti-trumpers do not understand that the opposition wants to destroy what Republicans and Conservatives believe. That is why there is so much discussion about court packing which they are attempting to reframe so as to disguise their true intent. That is why there is so much discussion about adding Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as states even while most Puerto Ricans have already relocated to the mainland and refused to vote in favor of statehood. That is why they want to nationalize ballot harvesting while fighting voter ID with their ever-ready canard of racism despite ID’s required to vote in nearly every other democracy.

The only return to normalcy in the minds of the Democrats will be when they have control of the government. That is why they spent the better part of the last four years with manufactured charges of Russian collusion and an impeachment of President Trump. That was all a deflection from an illegal manipulation of our government, a hiding of the true Russian collusion (Biden’s taking of $3.5 million from a Russian oligarch) and Hunter Biden’s bidding on behalf of his father and himself with the Ukrainians and Chinese.

Do not be mistaken. It is not Trump. Were any other Republican to win the Presidency, they will attack that person in a manner akin to how they have attacked Trump. The difference is Mr. Trump fought back while others just took it. George W. took it. McCain took it. Romney took it. Trump stood up and fought them so supposedly he was responsible for the commotion.

The Lincoln Project, Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol, John Kasich, David French and the rest of that ilk are useful idiots. Things changed in 1994 when Newt Gingrich took over for Bob Michel and Republicans took the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. The elitists in Washington were bewildered that they were no longer in charge and that Republicans decided not to lie down and take it. The opposition could not stand that their steady march toward socialism wrapped in the canard of racism had been stopped. They became vicious. They unleashed their shock troops while accusing federal law officers of being storm troopers. How dare you stop our march forward? That is why they rebranded themselves once again as “progressives.”

There is nothing progressive about these people other than their desire to progressively increase your taxes and restrict your individual rights. You will see it in full force if they take over this government. Don’t buy their lies. And don’t buy what is being shoveled to you by the useful idiots. We are in a fight and only one side will win. I intend to be on that side because the other one is truly deplorable.