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Bruce Bialosky

What to Focus on Before November 3rd

Do you know the name Tommy Devito? Sure, you do. He was a founding member and lead guitarist of the Four Seasons. He was in the group before Frankie Valli. He died September 21st. If you every saw Jersey Boys, you know Tommy did not live the life of a monk. It is quite fascinating that he was able to make it to the age of 92. His cause of death: COVID-19. That was quite illuminating to read. One would think after his life and at his age something else was going on there, particularly at age 92. It made me think if Keith Richards were to die, it would be declared from (you guessed it) COVID-19.

Yes, the numbers are engineered to make things look worse than they are. Dr. Birx stated early on that if any person who tested positive from COVID-19 at the time of their death, REGARDLESS of whatever other diseases or illnesses they had, would be added to the death toll. Now they just want to gin up the totals. Last time I saw figures, 50 colleges had just short of 70,000 people diagnosed as having COVID. The number hospitalized had jumped to three.

Yes, like when FDR told us not to fear, Trump stated we should not fear COVID. He was not only right; he was acting like a leader. He speaks from the actual experience as someone who had COVID — so do I. In my column explaining my own experience I stated they want to scare you. Any time I started to cough before I got the disease, I was thinking of COVID in the back of my mind. No more. Nor should you.

That is because now we have some facts. Even though they ramp up the number and give you a daily scoreboard of those who supposedly had died of COVID, they never tell of their age or co-morbidities. The CDC released a chart a couple months back when we were supposedly nearing 200,000 COVID deaths indicating that less than 10,000 had died without other contributing factors in their bodies. That chart was deep-sixed by the MSM.

Nor do they remind you that seven months into this, age 50 or younger, your chances of dying from COVID are 1 in 10,000. And those numbers are significantly overstated. That is because there is a huge population of under 50 who have had it and never reported it to the people who keep the COVID meter (or perhaps they were unaware of having it). They never got sick or they had minor symptoms. And the increase in risk for people 51-70 years are not much higher. They never speak of how our excellent medical community has gotten an understanding of the disease and how to treat it unlike how they acted in March. Kind of like the remedy provided to the President.

Why is this so important? Why are Governors Newsom, Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer and Pritzker still locking down their states? Because they can. If they can do it for something they now know is irrational, what will they do for next “emergency”? That is why Gov. Whitmer stated, after being told by the Michigan Supreme Court that she had to stop her control freak antics, “Well I still have 17 days.” That is why after Gov. Newsom established his crazy anti-business four levels to open up added another requirement. The new hurdle is counties must remain closed if a minority community within the county was not consistent in its percentage of positive COVID tests with the remainder of the county. Orange County was at 3% infection rate from COVID tests while a minority community was at 6%. Thus, the entire county must stay in restricted lockdowns. Newsom is Lucy pulling the football out from in front of Charlie Brown. Sadly, we residents are Charlie Brown.

These are the people you would be voting for if you support Biden-Harris. These people have crushed their state economies causing significantly higher unemployment rates and significant higher business closures. That is why Pelosi wants $400 billion to bail out their governments.

They say they support small business while they are killing them and driving people to the Amazons of the world, thus creating greater wealth inequity and then rail against billionaires. They want us to eat like vegans, but shutter all the healthier restaurants while people line up to drive through Taco Bell and McDonald’s. They talk one way. but enforce policies that do the opposite. Mr. Biden says he will only increase taxes on those making more than $400,000 per year. There has never, ever been a tax increase that did not trickle down to the middle class. Never. Don’t buy the lie.

More importantly, who is to say these elected officials would not take such “emergency” actions again. They have all said climate change is an existential threat, a global emergency. They have gotten away with these actions (except Whitmer who was shut down after six months though she only had 28 days under the law she ignored). They are all making up stuff as they go along. Then applauded by a complicit Press. They are shutting down parts of the first amendment telling people who can congregate and who cannot under the actual rights to protest or worship.

The most amazing part of this (among a multitude of amazing things) is they state Trump is a tyrant. He abhors these actions. He refused to declare a national order to wear a mask. He had no legal right. He could not order the states to stop their shut downs. He had no legal right. Still they call him a dictator and Mussolini. You ask what Trump actually did that was dictatorial and they change subjects. This could be the single greatest case of projecting in our country’s history. The ones who are actually quite dangerous to our freedoms are pointing fingers at Trump. What a joke.

How can this country put these people in charge of our government? Why would they? How do we know what they will do, particularly after they refused to answer those questions? The MSM media given a pass to Biden-Harris who have answered real questions less than any campaign in my lifetime. Then Biden states “we don’t deserve to know”. If they win it will be the cloaked administration. We have to elect them to find out what they will do, just like when they passed the ACA and Speaker Pelosi said she would tell us what was in the bill after it became law. How do we know they will answer questions after elected? We don’t.

One last thing. If they win they will spike the Durham investigation. They will spike the Hunter Biden story of graft which has self-identified witnesses. No indictments from Durham. Everyone who did gross illegalities stymying the operation of a properly elected Presidency will get off without even being charged like Lois Lerner did after abusing citizens by misusing the IRS to abuse and cheat American citizens.

Your freedom and the integrity of our government is at stake here. Vote like it matters.