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Ray Haynes

I Fear No Disease, But I Fear For The Future of Our Republic

Since mid-January of 2020, we have been harangued with breathless rantings from leftist politicians and their propaganda arm, affectionately known as the “mainstream media” surrounding the spread of the disease they call “Covid-19” (an ominous name for a new strain of the flu, of which there have been hundreds). Their hysterical hype have told us that millions of us were going to die, that our intensive care units in hospitals would be overrun, that there was no avoiding this pestilence, that we couldn’t talk, sing, or visit with each other, or engage in any other of the basic signs of humanity, like shaking hands or hugging, because we would kill each other with this dreaded disease. We were told we couldn’t go to church, or even earn a basic living, or else we would kill our neighbor. We have been ordered to stay locked in our homes and, should we decide to leave our house, we were forced to dress up like bank robbers to avoid catching or spreading the germs that could kill off our entire society.

None of the prognostications of the imminent demise of the human species by this perilous plague have come true, but we are still being pounded by the press’s polemics about our impending peril, and, in response (or perhaps prompted by) our Governor (and many others around the country) continues to impose more useless mandates on our behavior, useless because the impact those mandates have on the spread of the disease is dubious at best. It is, in these times of fear-mongering, important to remember the words of Hank Williams: “No matter how we struggle and strive, we’ll never get out of this world alive.”

I fear no disease…

But I do fear for the future of this country and our Republic.

In 2016, we saw a stunning event. Donald Trump won the presidency by a hair’s breadth, basically 40,000 people in three states, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, states that had voted Democrat consistently for the previous 24 years, delivered their majorities to Trump, and thus the necessary votes to become President of the United States. That event triggered his opposition to begin the most turbulent time in American politics in recent memory. Their strategy: they would do anything, say anything, accuse him of everything, in order to change the minds of those 40,000 people. The first charge (and the most persistent) was that the Russians had conspired with Trump to get him elected. An outrageous accusation that had absolutely no basis in fact, but it persisted, fed by the propagandist media, day after relentless day for two years. It’s purpose? To undermine the Trump presidency.

And it worked.

In 2018, these leftists obtained control of the House of Representatives. Their plan to disrupt our government worked, for three reasons: (1) the leftists didn’t stop making the insane allegations, repeating the big lie over and over until enough people believed it for them to win control of one branch of our government; (2) the propaganda arm of the left wing of the Democrat party, the mainstream media, helped the cause by repeating the same lie without any investigation or scrutiny, while at the same time calling Trump a liar in just about every story; and (3) much of the Republican party, particularly the leadership in the House of Representatives, stood by and let the story become accepted fact. Those leaders lost their power because they didn’t fight.

But Trump did, and the left could not allow that to stand, so they upped their game, first the impeachment and then the alleged pandemic. And they were relentless. Day after day, decisions made by the left that really did little more than kill the most vulnerable, the most evident being the order by Governor Cuomo forcing nursing homes to take Covid patients, thus placing these patients among the most vulnerable populations, killed thousands of New Yorkers, and the press blamed Trump for that. California had a similar order, that did not have the same devastating effect, but it helped spread the disease to those most likely to be harmed by the disease, and that spread justified shutting down and killing the California economy. Once again, Trumped was blamed. Nine months of attack ads disguised as news stories finally resulted in the desired goal of the left, the defeat of Trump at the polls. Of course, if 24,000 people in three states had changed their minds, he would have won, but the left got what they wanted. On January 20, 2021, he will leave the White House. I believe they cheated to get there, just like they believed that Trump cheated to get there. The difference is the press protected the left when Trump claimed fraud, and attacked Trump as a liar. Four years ago, they protected the Democrats when they made their outrageous allegations, and insinuated the Russian conspiracy charges were true when Trump showed that no evidence supported that claim.

I fear for our future because the relentless attacks by the left were successful. They now have what they believe is a playbook for the destruction of anyone who stands up to them. They will use that method, and the tools available to their minions in the press, to bludgeon anyone who speaks out against the left’s agenda. They call for peace, a peace they refused to give 4 years ago, and threaten those who stand up to them even now with charges of treason.

I, for one, believe that there should be no peace. The future of our Republic is at stake. If we give in to their threats and tactics, we will be responsible for destroying freedom for our posterity. The stakes are that large. The fight must continue.