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Congressman Tom McClintock

A Massive Wealth Transfer That’s Either Inadequate or Unnecessary

Remarks in Opposition to H.R. 9051, December 28, 2020:

Mr. Speaker:

Let’s get this straight: the small shopkeeper who’s just lost their entire savings because of the lockdowns will get the same $2,000 grant as the government bureaucrat who’s been enjoying a steady paycheck at home for the past ten months.

This money is wholly inadequate for those who have been harmed by the lockdowns and wholly unnecessary for those who have not.  And this free money doesn’t come from heaven — it comes from the future earnings of those who will be struggling to get back on their feet – making the post-lockdown recovery more difficult and prolonged.

Much of the burden of this debt will fall on the young, who have already borne the brunt of the lockdowns.  It is in a very real sense, a massive wealth transfer from the future to the present, from the young to the old and from those who have been hurt by the lockdowns to those who have not.

There’s only one way to end the suffering caused by the lockdowns.  END THEM.

House Floor Remarks delivered December 28th, 2020.