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Ray Haynes

Messages to Free America From the Oppressed Behind the Sierra Wall

A few years back, I posited a scenario about California’s future if the effort to secede from the United States had succeeded. It was set in 2030, and described a decrepit and decaying California, destroyed by the collectivist mindset of its political leaders. These autocrats built a wall around California, except along the Mexican border (that would have been racist), to prevent Californians from leaving. I have taken to calling it the “Sierra Wall”, since it would be built on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and would lock Californians into the socialist dystopia engineered by the leftist political leaders that currently run California.

California is close to that dystopian future now. The elected officials in California are authoritarians, quite willing to use the political power the people have leased to them to punish their opponents as criminals, and let the real criminals go free. The political press, with few exceptions, is little more than a propaganda machine for the California political elite (since investigative journalism is passe, it seems), and that elite has little or no problem corralling the citizens with regulatory controls that the elite has no problem ignoring. The political rhetoric of the elite is an effort to divide the electorate along racial lines, and they are actively attempting exclude their political opponents from positions in government by branding them as racists or seditionists. California is quickly collapsing under its current authoritarian regime, headed by the Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian in Chief (ALAIC) Gavin Newsom.

So I now plan to send out messages to free America from behind what I will call the Sierra wall, as a warning to my fellow Americans what can happen to them if they don’t respect their Constitutional rights, and then elect those who care only about the acquisition and maintenance of political power. California is on the precipice of a complete collapse in its social order, and that collapse will be engineered by those who care little or nothing about social order, political freedom, or economic prosperity, if it doesn’t serve their selfish political interests.

My first message. CNN ran this story yesterday:

After a year of criticism by health experts, mockery from comedians and blistering critiques from political rivals, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is standing unabashedly tall among the nation’s governors on the front lines of the coronavirus fight…As many parts of the country embark on an uneasy march toward normalcy, Florida is not only back in business — it’s been in business for the better part of the past year. DeSantis’ gamble to take a laissez faire approach appears to be paying off — at least politically, at least for now, as other governors capturing attention in the opening phase of the pandemic now face steeper challenges. Despite far fewer rules and restrictions, Florida lands nearly in the middle of all states on a variety of coronavirus metrics.

While I give little credence to CNN’s reporting, this is a story about a Republican Governor. It must have pained them to write it. Governor DeSantis, rather than bend to the authoritarians in our society, stood tall for freedom, and because he did, his economy is booming, and the virus is losing. Governor DeSantis has proven that a good government can both protect its economy and the health of their citizens, with only minimal intrusions on freedom.

A year ago, I warned that the lock down ordered by ALAIC Newsom would not abate the corona virus, and would cause massive economic dislocation. Throughout the year, we were being told that ALAIC Newsom was “only following the science,” that the orders he issued, though they may cause economic hardship, would ultimately protect California’s health. Well, we got the economic hardship alright. Hundred of thousands of Californians were put out of work, thousands of landlords were forced to carry the brunt of the economic damage of the orders by being prevented from evicting tenants who could not pay their rent because the orders closed down the employers’ businesses, and thousands of small business owners were put out of business by these ill-considered and overreaching orders. We will pay for the ignorance, laziness, and hubris of ALAIC Newsom and his Sacramento sycophants for years. Newsom inflicted, and continues to inflict, immeasurable harm through these orders, on the people of the state of California, all justified through the misuse of the emergency powers granted to the Governor.

As the DeSantis handling of the virus has shown, Newsom’s orders were unnecessary and, in fact, destructive of the state of our State. Over the next couple of days, in my messages to free America, I will catalogue the damage caused by our ALAIC Newsom, and his petty circle of obsequious suck ups, and why it was important then and now to stand up to Newsoms illegal and harmful orders. The excuse that the elected officials and “health” bureaucrats only wanted to keep us safe no longer holds water, because they didn’t keep us safe, but they did aggrandize power. What has happened, and is continuing to happen, to our state is dangerous to our freedoms and our children’s future. If we continue to allow it to happen, our children will justifiably hold us in contempt.