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Bruce Bialosky

Killing Jews is Back in Style

When rioting, looting and murder was being endorsed last year by many elected officials in the name of equity, a little noticed phenomenon happened. Jewish facilities were being defaced in anti-Semitic attacks. Throughout this period, my synagogue (led by Rabbis Yoshi Zweiback and Ron Stern) was putting out regular pronouncements about matters in the Black community. When I pointed out that as a Jewish Temple that we should always focus on the needs of the Jews first, Zweiback, the head rabbi, told me “This is their time.” Maybe the Jewish Left has come to realize this is the Jews’ time. It seems to always be the Jews time.

Unfortunately, little is heard from Democrat elected officials about the blatant violence against Jews. Part of that may come from the fact their elected leader, Joe Biden, is in the direct line of fire for causing this recent outbreak. In the Democrats’ universe where the need is to do exactly the opposite of the previous administration, they have cozied up to Iran and their surrogates Hamas by negotiating with the first and funding the second.

After the success of the Abraham Accords, I had stated there remained just two groups still buying the Palestinians’ lies about wanting peace. Those two groups are the Iranians and the American Left led by liberal and leftist Jews. And recently, a vocal lead has come from Black Lives Matters. That is the same group that Jewish leaders, Jewish groups, woke business leaders and just about the entire Democrat Party apparatus got behind despite their clear anti-Semitism.

Democrats recently got excited over another group being attacked – Asians. Unfortunately, that interest was principally tied to a singular event where many Asians were murdered but there was no evidence of prejudice against Asians. They were killed because they were worked at massage parlors which sent the killer over the edge due to his inability to keep his urges in check. That started a national discussion with marches to stop these anti-Asian attacks. The fact that most attacks on Asians have been done by Black men was overlooked while fingers were pointed at phantom white supremacists. Democrats organized with Republicans to pass a new law against despicable behavior toward Asians. And it was passed overwhelmingly. They want to secure the Asian vote.

When Jews are attacked on the street while peacefully enjoying their lives in multiple cities across the country, Democrats barely utter a peep. They don’t want to antagonize the Left wing of their party which have been, are and will always be Jew-hating bigots. Senator Chuck Schumer, who claims to be a Jew, finally managed to condemn the multiple attacks against Jews which included his own city in his own state. Some say that his muted concern is due to a left flank attack in his election next year. Nice to know to Schumer staying in office is more important than protecting his own people.

Simple question: all these attacks on innocent Jews were done in Democrat run cities. There is video. Where were the arrests?

Other than President Biden condemning these attacks, there was nearly complete silence from elected Democrats and their propaganda arm (the MSM). The reason is clear. They have little concern about Jewish voters deserting them. I have stated for years Jews are the only group that consistently vote against their own self interests. I have probably been wrong. Most of these so-called Jews are Leftists before they are Jews. They have never learned that that the Left has always hated Jews.

I recently read a biography of David Ben-Gurion, the father of Israel and its first prime minister. A century ago, Ben-Gurion was an avowed Communist and his personal hero was Vladimir Lenin. Ben-Gurion met with Lenin after the Russian revolution. Lenin was cool with Ben-Gurion until he found out he was a Jew. That was the end of their relationship. Ben-Gurion was a changed man after that because he was more a Zionist than a Leftist.

That will not happen with the Jews who religiously support the Democrats because most are not Zionists and may not even know of Ben-Gurion. They will sell themselves a bill of goods that the imaginary white supremacists are the real danger. Don’t believe your lying eyes who was out attacking Jews. Believe Nancy Pelosi’s fables about white guys coming after you.

And don’t believe that the attacks on Jews were coming solely from Muslim Americans because of identified garb of many people. These attacks were engineered by the Left led by groups like A.N.S.W.E.R. and Black Lives Matter.

The Democrats will tell you Marjorie Taylor Greene is the real threat, and they will deny the large Jew-hating caucus in their Congressional delegation. Jews will march to the polls next November and not punish their chosen party as their leaders will be whispering “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

The only thing positive out of this entire matter is the death of the argument that you can dislike Israel and still support Jews. Stick a knife in that idiotic thought.

Matters will get worse before they get better since the party that houses most Jews fears the Left more than losing the Jewish vote and Jewish money.

Rabbis, it appears to be our time. You may wish to enlighten your flock.